It's Wednesday, isn't it? A perfect day for more randomness!
Who knows?

I found it!

Dsc06820 Dsc06827

We've got your hostas -- some of these sprouts are as big as your thumb!

Dsc06821 Dsc06822

Bleeding hearts are shooting up all over (oh, be still my very own heart).

Dsc06824 Dsc06828

There's color in the garden if you know where to look -- bloodroot and red, waxy-looking sedum.

Dsc06826 Dsc06823

Rebirth.  Oh, how I love the spring.

Last night, while at the auction, I finished the sock I started six weeks ago in the ICU waiting room, except for the kitchener toe.  Well, I thought I finished.  It could be just a wee bit longer, and I could have lived with it if I hadn't dropped a stitch -- I knew my stitch count was off at one point, but I couldn't find anything wrong and thought I just forgot a decrease, so I fudged.  The dropped stitch made itself known as soon as I tried it on, though.  I ripped out the toe, but have yet to get it back on the needles.  No patience for that last night.  How weird that I started that sock with Michael went into the hospital, and finish as he goes out.

The auction was okay, but there wasn't anything I had to have.  There was an Austrian bone dish with painted pansies, but it wasn't enough to keep me there all night.  They will have another auction in June.  I do like the noise and atmosphere of an auction and sock-knitting is a perfect auction activity, especially when they've got lots of coins or beer steins or something that I'm not particularly interested in.

Pink20copy I stopped at Yarns by Design to get pink yarn for Warming Grace (those 5" squares go FAST -- I'm on #2 already!), and also made my regrets for the upcoming Spring Midwest Masters Seminar -- it was there, last year, that I met Amy Lu for the first time, and spent my fabulous, fun-filled, unforgettable weekend with Lizzie, Joycie and Lily.  Amy Lu's been tempting me and there are some great classes, but I finally realized that it's on Katie's first of very few weekends home before heading to Maine to work for the summer.  Maybe there'll be something on the fall schedule that catches my eye, and I did get a fiber frolic fix yesterday (even though I have to wait), so no complaining.



I've got peonies shooting up, too. Love those red shoots.


It just occurred to me that YBD would be a close yarn store for you. I've know one of the owners, Laurie, for YEARS. (Like over 20.) I've only been to the shop once, but I was impressed. Laurie is doing a mammoth bike ride to benefit a form of cancer some time this summer.


I’m so glad to hear that your brother is on the mend and that he will be home and can enjoy his surroundings with a new sense of just what everything means to him ~ even the most simple, mundane tasks take on new meaning, I’m sure.

You mentioned about seeing your brother every day for six weeks ~ I think it’s crazy fantastic that despite the suffering we endure in this life, that very often it is the suffering which brings us together in ways in which we would not otherwise …

Thanks for the pictures of spring-a-bloomin’!


glad to see you found some signs that spring has sprung! the only thing missing from our fun last night was you my dearie. But we all talked about you (good thing!) so you were there in spirit!

ps. did I tell you that Cara and I have decided on the soundtrack for this year's Rhinebeck trip? The Carpenters.


We've got buds here too!

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