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I see the moon

Dsc06953It was so bright that it almost looked like the sun rising, but it was the wrong time of day!  'Twas the moon last evening, coming up in the eastern sky, dipping beneath some clouds, almost fooling me...

Yesterday dawned very gray and very wet -- ugh, very dreary.  Thank goodness it didn't last all day long.  We've had some warm days recently, and now a little water and a little sun and more warmth and *POP!* suddenly there's a bright green haze in the ravine as buds are swelling and bursting open.  And all the grass turned green yesterday!  It won't be long before my view to the east (shown) will be nothing but leaves.

* * * * *

I finished the Fibonacci back yesterday and have a good start on one of the fronts.  I considered washing and blocking the back, but think I'll wait for at least one of the fronts -- and that will likely be over the weekend.  It's going pretty quickly, and we're going to have a quiet holiday weekend, so maybe I'll get both fronts finished!  This is definitely stay-at-home knitting with all the color changes!

* * * * *

For the record, I have no aspirations to be waif-like -- I may have succumbed to that notion for five minutes once, in my early 20s, but that's too damn much work and absolutely no fun.  And, in the end, for what?  I like cake and cookies and brownies too much; I like dessert; I like to indulge!  I also like to be healthy, in a general sense -- eat well and good, get a little exercise -- but I'm not very diligent or vigilant about any of it.  And I'd like to fit comfortably into some of the clothes I own.  That's where WW comes in -- it's motivated and worked for me before, and in some other -- surprising -- ways.  At Tuesday night's meeting, the topic was "triggers" and I was reminded about how much I relied on things I'd learned at WW to help me quit smoking last year (which led to the current weight gain and back 'round to WW -- 'tis a vicious cycle, no?) -- being aware of when I ate/smoked, why I ate/smoked, what triggers the urge to eat/smoke and what can be done to avoid them...  All of the planning I did for the quit came rushing back, remembering how the worst time of day for me was right after work and so I changed the route I drove home -- and I still go home that way!  Truthfully, during the meeting, all I could think of was how it related to smoking, not eating -- I've been wanting to smoke SO badly, people, you just don't know...  Anyway, all I'm looking to do is eat a little better, exercise a little (because now there's like zip), and drop the 25-30 gained from the quit, which would put me well above that 1989 goal weight, but it's a place where I've been pretty comfortable in recent years.

Time for breakfast!



Good for you! My trigger is getting home from work. First thing I do is head to the cupboard for a snack. I've been better about having an apple with some cheese or a few nuts. You were able to quit smoking so we know you can do this. Summer is a good time to move the body and enjoy nature. Go for it!


As a cookie-loving, ex-smoker, former Wisconsinite (my Norwegian immigrant ancestors all settled in WI), I just wanted to say: You go girl! A few more years down the line smoking won't even cross your mind, and you will be *so* glad! To be able to breathe, to be able to smell and to smell clean, and to know life is better, and will be longer, these are the great benefits of being an "ex". WW is great for helping you eat right. Best wishes.


"Knowing" you the way I do - I have no doubt that you can and will do this.

kathy b

I hear you Vicki! I ve decided I am on a very slow diet. Then it doesnt hurt so much. One less cookie at a time. I'm trying not to eat more than one real MEAL a day. Trying for healthy grazing throughout the rest of the day. I packed some winter warmth on and it must go!


Making the decision to do it is half the battle, don't you think? Get yer mind in the right place and the rest is easy. Go, Vicki!


We can see the moon, and the night sky for the first time tonight in weeks! It is so exciting. I am getting out and walking every morning, and I know that weights would help, and so will getting through the allergy season, a real body-stressor for me. It also helps me to think about triggers, as I was "eating emotionally" this afternoon in the face of supporting a friend who just went through a domestic violence episode; my triggers are strong emotional traumas such as that, and less minor anymore (used to be any excuse:).


We talked about triggers at our meeting too this weeks. The thing that I've tried to go is to make a few goals per week (journal/drink all the water/exercise 3x) and try to do them - the exercise is definitely the hardest. I also love to eat, so it's really an ongoing awareness. You'll do it -- it just takes time. And YEA FOR YOU again for not smoking.

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