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It's Wednesday, isn't it? A perfect day for more randomness!

I can't keep a thought in my head for two minutes this morning, so random it is!

Cynthia has a nice post summarizing the Warming Grace project -- the response has been great.  That just warms MY heart.  Cynthia has been very supportive, encouraging and generous, with just a few emails and comments, in regards to my brother's recovery; her husband works with people who have Acquired Brain Injury, and they've taken a keen interest.

I will be visiting my brother in the hospital for the last time today.  It was six weeks ago yesterday morning, from the instant he was slammed from behind by that semi truck, that the miracles started piling up -- it's a miracle that he -- that no one -- was killed, a miracle that he was conscious at the scene, a miracle that he wasn't paralyzed, a miracle that the gas tank didn't explode, a miracle that a helicopter can transport him so quickly to where he needs to be so that a neurosurgeon can do brain surgery when needed (and later fix a broken neck), a miracle that he could be in a coma for weeks on end and wake up cracking jokes and recognizing everyone who walked through the door -- and many more miracles, large and small, one atop the other.  Incredible.  Today he's going out to lunch with one of the therapists and another rehab patient.  Tomorrow he's going home.  It's just surreal.  He's got a lot to work on -- reading, writing and 'rithmetic -- but he knows it and he's so motivated and he wants to get back to his regular, old life so badly.  The recovery-o-meter is going to make a huge leap tomorrow, the minute he gets to hug his dog and walk through the door of his own house.

I think I must have still been in high school the last time I saw my brother every single day for six weeks in a row!  Now my life will be returning to "normal," too.

I went to WW last night for the first time since I re-upped -- the week before Michael's accident.  It turns out that I must eat when under stress.  ; )  Also, I think the black jeans I bought last fall must have lost some of their stretch.  Yeah, that's my story.

Do you think I'm excited?  That I might have had a good time last year?  This morning, I booked an October flight to NY so I can return here.

Okay, I'm going outside to check for spring in my yard!



yay for Rhinebeck!! Cara says we should book a suite at the hotel - great idea!


So good to hear that your brother will be going home and that life will resume its normalcy. Have a great time on your trip, too bad it's so far in the future.


I'm so happy you're brother is doing well. Once he gets home it will go even faster I'm sure.

Whoo hoo Rhinebeck! I'm hoping to leave the husband behind this time so I can hang out more with you guys!


Woo...maybe I won't have to come to the inlaws to see you Vicki!
We planned Rhinebeck last year, but Richard wanted to come along and at the last minute we had no child care.
This year I'm planning it differently!

And for Michael's release...WOOOHOOO!


I'm doing my best to be there, too!! To give you a hug in person would be worth it alone. Miracles do happen and thank goddess they do!


Your brother's recovery is nothing short of amazing - thank the gods! I've been so happy to read the progressively "good, better, best" reports. :)


So great about your brother! My darling brother (whose birthday is today) was in a coma nearly 40 years ago, from a motorcycle accident. Many miracles later he was able to regain his full life and health, and go on to be a father and grandfather.


Yay for life getting back to normal and Michael getting to be in his own home and regaining his health.
I hope you find Spring, it isn't quite here yet and I want to come to NY too!


Give your brother a very big hug! It's wonderful that he's getting to go home. I can't even imagine how excited his puppy will be to see him!


Hooray for you going to Rhinebeck again. I'll be there, too. Yipee! And yipee for Michael's imminent return home. Hoo and also ray!


I'm so pleased for you and Michael. Six weeks. It seems like such a long time until you consider it from the point of view of Michael's accident and recovery. Indeed a miracle.


Vicki. I am so happy in so many ways to read your post today. Happy, of course, for your brother. Yea! And happy you are coming to NY again. Yippeee!!!


Vicki, This is such good news (my husband says your brother is doing WELL); it is nice to know that miracles do happen (and funny how a set of circumstances all need to be in place in that seredipidous way that makes it all go the right way) - this is just so wonderful for you, your family, your brother and your brother's family. Thanks for the kind words and your support for Gracie.


Yay for miracle brother Michael! I am still thankful every day for my own brother's miraculous recovery from brain injury, 15 years ago. Hang in there, frustrations will still happen, but the miracle is always there!


Congrats on your brother going home! I have watched his progress through your blog, and have been sending prayers your way (and his).
Such a grand celebration you must be having. All the best. miracles indeed.


I am so glad to hear! Don't worry too much about the weight, you will be better able to lose it now that the cortisol production has dropped. Glad you have booked in some R&R for yourself.


Excellent news about MICHAEL!!!!!

And, yeah, I was just about to say, we need a suite this year. Maybe I'll call to book it today.


Yay for Michael!!

October is right around the corner, isn't it...


I am so glad that your brother is recovering!

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