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So I opened the little box where all the Fibonacci yarn resides last night, with the intention of casting on that second sleeve.  (Nothing quite so inspirational as unpinning the first from the blocking board -- I like it!)  I don't know if I can describe my surprise when I found that not only had I already cast on, but I was at least 30 rows in -- the striping color changes, the increases, the row counter keeping track --the whole ball of wax!  When in the hell did that happen?  How could I forget something like that?

I ripped out the Lovely Lace picot edge yesterday -- it was kinda wonky.  That kind of thing happens when you don't read the directions 'til you're already several rows in and then decide to do something different and do so by winging it.  It looked good for the most part, but was all twisty in other parts.  I'm definitely going to try again, this time with a provisional cast-on so I can tack that edge down nice and straight.

Dsc07064_1 Dsc07062

Did you know that Cadbury eggs came this small?  Have you ever seen more beautiful and elegant stitchmarkers?  I've been threatening to attach earring wires!  This is a portion of a fun parcel from Yarnivorous Lynne in Australia that arrived in my mailbox the other day.  Go look -- she has some absolutely gorgeous pictures today.  There is more -- the chocolate and jewels had to have some fibery padding! -- but I have other things to share, and show, and tell along with it, so it shall wait for a little bit to shine.  Meanwhile, *mwah* and thank you, Lynne.



Those are the prettiest stitch markers.


I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I do a regular long tail cast on for my picot edges - I cast on with a size bigger needle, or two needles together. Then knit however many rounds, picot round, knit rounds - then on the next round, I knit the stitch on the needles together with the corresponding cast on edge. VOILA! Works great. Just make sure you get the matching cast on stitch (which really isn't that difficult) and don't skip any cast ons. This Claudia's technique.

Beautiful markers!


Whew - catching up on bloglines. Your stitchmarkers are beautiful! Isn't Lynne incredibly generous. That's 3 care packages that I know of! What a gal. I didn't know Cadbury eggs came in miniature either - I like them better than the big ones. Even for me, Ms Sweet Tooth, they are a bit too sweet.

I loved the "I" photo shoot! You all looked like you were having so much fun.

Michael's still on the mend I hope?


ooh, gorgeous stitch markers. very victorian.

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