I'm Fibbing!

Dsc06894Dsc06921Mack came to visit this weekend (that's him -- incognito -- almost 10 months old!) and was my motivation to finish Spherey's arms and legs, making it so much easier to grab and hold onto now.  ; )  I think Spherey's adorable -- I dare you not to smile back at that face!  (Mack's adorable, too.)

Next up is an Oddfellow or two (also from Jess Hutchison's book) for birthdays coming up later this month.  Um, well, one of them in a week... I'd better get to work on that... good thing he's a wee, odd fellow.

Dsc06947I made a little progress on Fibonacci. I don't know if I'll ever get a true color photograph -- the reds burn your retinas or the light green looks day-glo or something else is not quite right.  I admit to wondering sometimes if it isn't a little wild and crazy, but I've come up with a back-up plan, which I may implement at some point even if I like The Fib as-is.  Just because I can.  I have to finish it first, though...



Hi Mack!!! What a cutie! Love the Fib - don't change a thing - the colors are so good together!


Wow! Mack is such a little cutie... 10 months already, time flies! I still recall last year when you were feverishly working on Mr. Dashwood. :D Such a cutie and so lucky to have an auntie like you.


Damn, that Mack just keeps getting cuter. Can't wait til we can hook him up with Ambrynn! ;-)


I love all that tweedy goodness, and Mack is even cuter than before!


That kid is so adorable - love those cheeks! Spherey is so cute - I can see him sucking on a leg or two!

Don't change that sweater; it looks so fabulous - I can't wait to see it all done!


Vicki, I see them now and they look fab! Thanks so much!!


Mack's a doll!!
The sweater looks great and I might have idea what you have in mind to make it more 'you'.


Mack's getting cuter all the time! and I am loving the stripes - the colors are looking great on my screen!


OOOh! That Mack has cheeks to die for! And the Fib looks fabulous.


Damn! You have three times as many visitors as me already! Loooove Fibonacci; reminds me of all the best of Kaffe Fassett (I hope that's a good thing in your world, too...)


So very glad that your brother is home and doing better!


i think the fib looks great!

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