It's Wednesday, isn't it? A perfect day for more randomness!

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Dsc06800I didn't photograph even half the stash the other day.  I'd really like to, though, mainly to document my intentions for a particular batch or ball of yarn (if any) because I do tend to forget about stuff, especially if it's not in plain sight.  Some stuff just won't be forgotten, though, no matter what, and that's the case with this Donegal Tweed -- "leftovers" of a sweater kit that my sister made (enough for another sweater!) and I knew its destiny the minute I saw Fibonacci in Magknits (check out the latest issue).  I have never wavered on that, but I have never started...  I think it's time to get crackin'.

Dsc06818_2Dsc06819_1I finished the back of Trellis last night, and I think it's going to be too small for the Mackster.  I could be wrong -- maybe it'll bloom and grow in the blocking -- but I'm prepared to tuck it away and save it as a gift for another baby.

I'm also thinking pink for Warming Grace (working title; button forthcoming).  Grace is Cynthia's brave and adorable niece (oh, those EYES!) who just celebrated her 5th birthday.  When Cynthia writes about Gracie being "a very special girl," she's not kidding -- Grace is in the midst of a long treatment program for leukemia... oh my goodness, with personality!  In the spirit of Comforting Jef and Mike, Cynthia has put out the call for 5" pink squares in cotton or soft wool for a blanket for Grace.  Check it out.



I love the cami in the latest issue of Magknits - eevn though I said Never Another Cotton Cami - the flesh is weak in view of a great pattern.
Love the tweed.


That'll make a pretty Fibonacci. I have always liked that pattern too.


I love your trellis, I hope it fits Mack so we see a photo of him modelling it.


Fibonacci will look great, I love all those colors. Is someone making a button for Warming Grace?


Fibonacci is a great project. Count me in on helping Grace; I lost one of my brothers to leukemia, and am immensely grateful that medicine is able to do so much more these days. Going to pilfer through stash for pink...

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