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Objects in picture are larger than they appear

Dsc04931r_2If anyone has a real, actual baby at hand, could you measure the foot and send the pertinent info along to Norma before she goes stark, raving mad??

One thing I'll say about baby feet -- they will do nothing but grow.  I don't think you can go wrong knitting baby footwear just a smidge longer than you think they should be.  I knit three pairs of booties and one pair of socks for Mack.  One set of booties was never worn because they were too small right off the needles; the other two got some foot time, but it wasn't very long at all before they were outgrown, too.  The socks, also, were worn a couple of times, but should have been much longer to start with.  Such is the nature of baby knitting, I know, but I'd have liked to have seen a little more use from the items I made -- and I could have.

What you see before you are skinny, one-week-old baby feet, but one should probably keep in mind that most baby feet get bigger around as well as longer -- some baby feet got a LOT bigger around!  Perhaps some of the extra, seemingly outrageous length called for in a baby sock pattern, might actually be to compensate for a growing circumference.  I have not done any sort of scientific calculating, but I'm willing to bet that baby foot proportions, in relation to each other -- insert some sort of mathematical equation here {length:circumference [<age x weight] + gauge = astrological sign} (what was the question?) -- can be quite a bit different than an adult's or even a child's.  ; )

Happy weekend, all.



There is no babies around here, so when you are done with the maths to work out the size of baby socks, be sure to let us know.


I don't know about knitting socks for babies, but I was munching on some baby toes the other day and man were they tasty. God I miss that laugh!


another thing about baby feet. They are shockingly small. But they go from shockingly small to OMG, when did they grow, literally overnight! I remember buying Robeez shoes for Connor as a newborn, and they were huge on him (yes, the newborn size) and I stashed them in his drawer for a few weeks. Brought them out again, and they were too tight.
In the same vein..I knit the moss stitch booties for my neice in white fixation to wear with her christening dress (purposely using fixation so they would stretch on to her feet) and they were still too big on her!


ROFLMAO. When I clicked on this in Bloglines, I had no idea. But you're too late! I already HAVE gone stark raving mad!!! Oh, I'm just laughing and crying and laughing. Good medicine. Thank you. Mwah!


You crack me up with this post! Happy Easter.


I do love baby feet and hands. The picture is so cute, I wan't to touch the screen all the time. And your'e right about the growth of baby feed, they seem to grow in all directions...

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