It's birthday season!
What's moo?

Sweet Slumber

Dsc06963I shall never become less enchanted by this unfurling, nor tire of watching.  Sanguinaria Candensis, commonly known as Bloodroot, but also known as Indian Paint, Tetterwort, Red Root, Snakebite and, my person favorite, Sweet Slumber.  It's poisonous!  It's growing everywhere in my garden -- the original patch has grown quite a bit, but also the seeds have spread into the path, across the path, from one end of the path and garden to the other!  I couldn't be happier.

Dsc06965They rather remind me of cloaked women or monks in a procession -- or maybe, in photo at right, a woman and her children.  I've attended a couple of classes at a local gardening center and the woman in charge passed along a bit of wisdom from her grandfather about when it's okay to plant:  If you can stand to sit on the ground for two minutes with your pants pulled down, you can plant.  Well, I was on the ground to take this pictures -- with my pants on, thank you very much -- and I can tell you that it's still too soon in my back yard!

Dsc06969I skipped out of work early on a gorgeous Friday afternoon and took Maddy to do a little shopping for spring.  She found a few things, but as the shopping thing sometimes goes, I actually found a little bit more -- even though it wasn't about me.  ; )  If the jeans fit (especially if they're on sale), buy 'em!

Saturday was even more beautiful (that's the day I was "checking the ground temperature" in the garden) and I actually washed the kitchen windows and the front door glass.  Yeah, I actually did housework -- it nearly makes me faint, too.  I went to the local home center with DH to buy what we needed to fix the rotted back porch stair treads and, as the home repair sometimes usually goes, it took quite a bit longer than anticipated to fix, but it's fixed!  I also picked up some literature on roofing material, as the back porch roof will need replacing soon.  It's always something, don't you know...

We had a good, short visit with my brother yesterday.  He is doing so amazingly well with his recovery.  My SIL is having a hard time keeping up with him -- she puts the gait belt on him and tries to hold on, but he's pretty hard to keep up with.  He still spends a lot of time in bed -- only a few more weeks, hopefully, until he can start weaning from the body brace.  That'll be a huge step for him in so many ways.  Oh!  I wrote down the name and number of the llama farm that's right on the last corner before my brother's house, too, so the next time I go visit (probably quite soon), I hope to be up close and personal with some llamas, or at least some of their fiber.

You know, with all the reasons for celebration this month, I feel like throwing confetti around, too!  I haven't worked out the details, but I feel a contest coming on... stay tuned for details!



We call it Indian Paint around here and I always see it in the woods in the spring. Gorgeous photos of it!


That first picture is GREAT! LOVE IT!


You just keep making me smile.


I love the it possible we don't have those here? because it doesn't look familiar to me. And that is a wonderful tip of how to know when it's time to plant! Had not heard that one.


What beautiful photos!
I think I told you last year that we have birthday month at our house too. Between April 10 to May 16, all four of us have our birthdays. :)


I love that planting tip! It's still too soon here ( I can tell by the temp not my butt!)
but I'm firing up the outdoor bread oven today!
The unfurling look awesome up close. Bloodroot,mmm...


What a cool plant!!

And your Oddfellow is adorable!!

Bookish Wendy

Vicki! Don't get too up close and personal with those dang llamas. ;)

lynne s of oz

The bloodroot unflurling is very cute, and I love hte tip on when it is ok to plant! I can't see us doing that much though. LOL
Glad to hear Michael is progressing well.
parcel will get sent soon - as soon asthe pst office restocks on the right size baggies!


Hey that flower is neat! I've never seen it before. I googled it in images to see what it looks like fully awake and it's a happy little flower.

I'm so glad to hear stories of your brother progressing well. I read every entry with my heart in my throat and I'm thrilled for you and your family about him recovering.

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