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Happy 21st (Earth Day) Birthday, Katie!  I love you, and can't wait to give you a hug!!!

This isn't the first birthday Katie has been someplace other than home...  On the way home from a school trip to Washington, D.C., on her 14th birthday, the whole plane joined in song to wish her a happy birthday!  This year, she's winding up her semester abroad, spending her birthday in Munich and I hope she's having a beer to celebrate!

Cake on Tuesday!



Happy Birthday, Katie!


Beautiful photos of a beautiful daughter! Happy Birthday to Katie and congratulations to you, Vicki, for bringing her up so well.


Happy 21 Katie! Vicki was that an open invitation for cake on Tuesday? :-) Your daughter is beautiful, what a wonderful head of red hair, I'm so jealous.


Happy birthday Katie!!! Munich on your 21st birthday? BEERS FOR EVERYONE!

That first picture is great!


Aw. Katie is a character and gorgeous to boot. What a great time she must be having. Our Boyo is jealous.


Happy Birthday Katie!!! What a beautiful redhead (I love redheads, my daughter Mandy is one too). Bet you can't wait to get your arms around her. Have a happy reunion Monday.


She is a beauty! She picked a great place to have her 21st!


Happy Birthday, Katie! What a great adventures -- to be 21 and beautiful!


Happy Birthday Katie, have a fantastic time in Munich.


Happy Birthday Katie!!


Happy Birthday, Katie! Those are the greatest baby pictures!


Your girl is absolutely gorgeous, and obviously has a twinkle in her eye. Happy Birthday to you too, mama.


Happy Birthday Katie. I am sure she had many a beer in the UK and Europe--so different from over here! Love those pics!

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