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Vicki, don't you lose that number...

Dsc06951I think I lost it... "tossed it" is probably more like it.  You know, in this big house full of crap, that stack of Weight Watchers materials was just taking up too much space -- OUT!  I've been looking for my Weight Watchers Lifetime Member number and I can't find it; I think it's likely been recycled into toilet paper by now.  Oh my goodness, look what I did find!  Look at the things I save!!  I have to say that I feel pretty far removed from the person in those pictures, which is the only explanation for why I can post it.  It's the chart I kept back in '88-'89, tracking my ups and downs the first time I went to WW, complete with "fat" and "motivational/progress" pictures.

Dsc06952That's the "before" picture -- a three-year-old Katie with a 180-lb. +/- me at the Lake Michigan shore, summer-ish 1988.  I'd given birth to Ali a little over a year earlier, but never lost the weight gained during pregnancy -- which was pretty much in addition to the weight from Katie's pregnancy that I'd never lost, either.  I'm sure I tipped the scale at 200 by Ali's birth (the last, official record was 199 and there were a couple of days before I actually delivered).  What really motivated me to join WW, though, was a video clip from our summer vacation, visiting friends on Vashon Island, WA.  Having just filmed a fun, group rendition of "The More We Get Together" at the end of our trip, I ba-boom, ba-boomed my way toward the camera to turn it off, Alison on my hip, and holy shit...  I thought I'd been camouflaging those few extra pounds pretty well.  Right there in living color, it was plain to see that I was NOT... not at ALL.  The camera does not lie!  The minute I got home from that vacation, I was on the phone, finding a Weight Watchers meeting.

It took me over a year to lose nearly 50 pounds, as you can (maybe) see*.  I really had no business being photographed in a bathing suit even then (how about "ever"), but I like to focus on the positive -- the upper half  -- don't my arms look good?  With a thinner face, my hairdresser at the time was anxious to cut my hair short, too, because he could!  Yeah, well, what I can I say... it was '80s.  Same goes for the dress...

So, anyway, I recorded a loss last night that was greater than the previous week's gain, so that's good.  This may fall under the "too much information" category, but I got my period last week -- the first one in at least two months, and probably more like three -- there's been a little stress, plus age and hormonal shifts -- so when I came home last Tuesday to change my jeans before going to WW because, apparently, the stretch feature of that pair was no longer working and they were cutting of my circulation and I couldn't stand it for ONE MORE MINUTE... well, it was probably a lot of water retention and not really fat (or the jeans).  ; )

I'll be finishing the back of Fibonacci today!  I'm right there, at the stripe sequence where the shoulder/neck shaping will take place, and decided not to tackle it last night, but to sleep on it and really think about how I want the shoulders to look, how the stripes should be, what all the magic numbers are...  I'm also to the point of adding eyes and embroidering the face on the first of the birthday Oddfellows.  ; )

*And if you guessed that I became pregnant with Maddy within minutes of reaching my goal weight, you'd be correct.  ; )



Vicki -- I've wished we lived closer to each other many times but never so much as now. I'd go to WW with you. Goodness knows, I need it.


Weight is a struggle for many of us but one thing we loose sight of is that we need to be less worried about weight and more concerned with being healthy. If you get some exercise and eat as well as you can, then isn't that enough? You look fine in the photos! Truly I do think so. It's social 'judgement' that makes us wish to be waif thin and it isn't right. Love your body for what it is now...it is worthy of love. Treat it a little better with good food and movement and it will love you back more. It's all good.


We need a virtual WW meeting. You, me, Carol and Ann could be our leader. I've lost 17 lbs so far and frankly I was never a believer so now I'm a convert!


I just spent two days trying on clothes with my sister and if I don't start running soon, I don't know what I'm going to do. Let's all get healthy together!!


Vick - I've been away for a while and just caught up with all that's been going on. So glad to hear about Michael; you guys have been on my mind and in my prayers. Wish him continued good luck as he recuperates. Take care. Deb


Wow, what a difference a year makes. Inspires me to keep going a little at a time with my own weight loss goals. I've decided to focus on exercise and smaller portions- oh, and the mindless snacking I do. If I can do that, then I'm hoping the weight will come off. Hopefully a year from now I'll have my own weight loss success story.



I agree with Margene, and sometimes wish I could have back the thinner me that I berated so badly in my 30s to lose "baby weight" when I was actually quite lean, just short! At least this time, I doubt you will get pregnant to celebrate reaching your goal weight. We must be paralleling the menopause thing; I will be glad when THAT is done with, and when summer weather makes exercising much more fun than walking in a dark, early-morning downpour.


Oh, that is hysterical, Vicki! I have the same problem every time I go back to WW...where is the world is my lifetime membership number???? You'd think I would have it memorized by now with the number of times I've made it to my goal! I am finding that these 10 pounds at this time in my life are the most challanging of all the hundreds I've lost over the years...probably because I can' t seem to get my butt out of a chair at night!

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