I did it!

What a feeling...

FlashstashCan you believe I've never seen Flashdance, even though I thought Michael Nouri was one of the hottest things going?  I am really going to have to correct that oversight sometime soon.

Dsc06790Dsc06802That column of shelves is in my laundry room.  The original intention was that, since I had front-loading laundry appliances, the tops of said appliances would remain forever free and clear for the purpose of folding the laundry.  The kids were old enough to put away their own dang clothes, so the shelves were put up with each household member assigned their own personal shelf (with a few to spare) and (the intention was...) they would happily pop in every couple of days to pick up and put away their clean laundry, while depositing the soiled -- the vicious, never-ending cycle of laundry.  Yep, that was the intention.  Obviously, it didn't work out (I wonder, did it work at all?  I think maybe for a week), but the shelves remain and, well, I never met a horizontal surface that I didn't like couldn't fill up with crap in no time!  Yeah, I'm not showing you the tops of the front-loading appliances.  ; )

I photographed all the yarn that's stored in there -- some small bins, some medium bins, a large bin, a couple of loose balls of this & that, a bag full of...  what's clear is that I've bought a LOT of yarn on sale or clearance (lots of cotton), much of it intended as baby knits, most of it untouched and not even thought about in recent months (probably since it was bagged and/or binned) -- and Mack's going to be a year old in two short months already!  Think, think, think!  Even if it's the softest wool yarn you've ever stroked, Adrienne Vittadini "Dani" in garish, mismatched colors at $.99/ball (hello, there's a reason for that!) is no bargain.

There are a few drawers full, some wool and more cotton, a thrifted cashmere sweater to unravel, and a fair amount of yarn stored atop one of the living room chests, and a big hamper full, too.  More sock yarn that I'd have guessed, really.

Honest, no one's flashed it better than Wendy.



Even mismatched, I can't believe you found Vittadini for 99c/ball!!


WHHHHHOOOOOHOOOOO! I Can't stop laughing at the thought of the family popping in every couple of days to collect AND put away their own laundry! Oh, in a perfect world......
Thanks for the laugh!


I got a real laugh about your laundry fantasy, too. I even have a washer and dryer in our "master suite", three steps from the closets, and the stuff still sits there in the basket, not put away.
This stash thing is a sickness, I tell you. At least it's not a dangerous one!


I have the same relationship with flat surfaces ;o) The only reason why the top of the washer stays clear is because all the crap I pile on top of it falls off during the spin cycle ;o)

Amy Lu

Nuts, I missed the flash your stash thingy. I might do it later today, just for the fun of it.

I haven't signed up for classes yet, that will be today. I'll let you know what I go with. I'm getting a room though, would you like to join me?

And one last thing, the pot pie was a little aluminum dish, the same size as a swanson's pot pie. That was too much fun! I still have two pies in the fridge.

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