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These days, I pretty much skim through the comics section of the newspaper -- there are only a few strips that appeal to me and I don't waste my time anymore with the rest unless something jumps at me.  Today (May 6), Grand Avenue and Zits were both about blogging!  Zits was especially funny because of the generational thing -- and gets extra points for mentioning grandma's podcast.  Blogging in the mainstream, people!  Wouldn't it have been funny if grandma's podcast had been about knitting?

; )

Sorry about the express train from Good to Ugly yesterday.  I will take my cue from Carole the next time I find myself in a Good, Bad and Ugly mood!  She's the Queen of GBU!!  The biggest thing is to end with something good!  ; )

You've got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative

Johnny Mercer

I had another email from my uncle last night and I decided to take my cue from him and my aunt.  It all sucks, sucks big BIG TIME, but now is the time to stand your ground, stare it down, do your level best to be your best.  That's me today.  (Plus, it's Saturday and the sun is shining!)

I schlepped Maddy and a bunch of her friends to the roller rink last night -- they were all dressed in '80s garb -- Flashdance sweatshirts, Desperately Seeking Susan-ish.  They were so cute.  It's so interesting to listen to the twists and turns of their conversations.  Sometimes Maddy and I seem so very far apart (I feel this more acutely with her than I ever did with Katie or Ali), but then we stumble upon common ground.  They had fun and may do this '80s roller thing on a regular basis -- every other week or so; they like Big Band music and Jazz and want to learn to dance -- really dance!  It's so funny because, obviously, I lived through the '80s and even as a young mother, I was hip enough to have had a Flashdance sweatshirt, though I was no Jennifer Beals or Madonna (can I just say... I've been wanting to say for months... that I hate the way Madonna's been wearing her hair).  I adore Big Band music and have always wanted to learn to dance -- really dance!  When I was in high school, living in northern Wisconsin, there was a supper club owned by an older man who used to play in a name-brand Big Band (I don't remember which) and every once in a while, he'd put out a call to his former bandmates and they'd come and play and, oh, it was SO MUCH FUN!!!



Ah, yes, Flashdance. At my senior prom someone actually did the whole flashdance routine. Even then, it was awful!


Now, when I was in high school, Duke Ellington came to Berkeley and played at the Claremont Hotel - where my boyfriend's father worked. He took us and we had a table near the band. Wow. Always loved Big Band since.

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