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We recently did a big re-do in Ali's room -- punching through the ceiling to reclaim some of the nice, roomy attic space -- and she's been busy settling in and decorating.  She bought a new bedside candle lamp, but the plain jane, white shade didn't cut the mustard.  Y'all know what an 18-yo does with a discarded lampshade, don't you?  She leaves it on the kitchen table, of course.  And you know what I did with it?  Plopped it on one of the six, never-before-shaded light bulbs in the chandelier that illuminates said table.

It didn't take long on Friday for my sister to comment on that, of course.

So on Saturday, while making our way through the first of my little town's two, annual, city-wide rummage sales, when my sister found a mini lampshade for $1.00, we had to buy it.  It didn't matter that it was maroon plaid with loopy things around the bottom.  We had a new-found mission -- and won't it be funny? who will notice/comment first? -- to find shades for that fixture.  When we found the second -- this time for $.75 -- in blue plaid, well, we were on a roll, baby.  We scoured the tables at every sale we could, 'til all the garage doors finally came down, but were only able to come up with two more (still well within our budget of $5 total).

Dsc07187 Dsc07188 Dsc07190

There happened to be one burnt out bulb in the bunch that I'd neglected to change.  Suddenly, with lampshades on all the rest, I couldn't stand the glare of a bare bulb!  I arranged all the shades in a pleasing manner and then put the burnt out bulb in the unshaded socket.

So, now, what do you think?  What did my mother notice?  Did she comment on the mismatched shades?  Did she comment on the clean, sparkly beads (formerly quite dusty) that decorated the fixture?  Did she comment on the fact that there were only five shades on a six-light fixture?  Or did she make a comment about the one burnt out light bulb?  ; )

Turns out that the light, with shades on the bulbs, is very, very different above, below and around that table -- and I really rather like it!

* * * * *

A few months ago, I was I was clucking like a lunatic as Katie made ready for her departure overseas.  She was only going to be gone for a few months, but it was the first time she'd flown so far away -- so very, very far.  And, as y'all told me, it was over before I knew it and she had a great time and I survived and now she's home.  Celia was clucking right along with me then, and now she's got reason to do it again.  I've been thinking about her and these situations and our kids almost constantly these past couple of days.


Things with mine aren't really going the way I always thought they would -- and what's going on today is different, even, than what was going on last month.  Plans have changed and I'm not sure how I feel about them, they lead me to doubt how I'm handling things -- but, also, what's to handle, what in the world would I do differently?

At this point in time, I always thought I'd have two of three daughters in college -- one well on her way to whatever degree, the other concluding her first year.  In reality, at this point in time, I have zero of three daughters in college and none enrolled for fall, either, as Katie has doubts about her major, doubts about where she wants to go, doubts about what she wants to do, so she gave up her spot.  They're working, but neither one is going to last long at mind-numbing labor, even if the pay is good.  (Yesterday, Katie was affixing labels on packages -- many labels, many packages; in an effort to stay awake and spice things up, she was crossing her eyes and seeing if she could still get the label in the right spot!)  Sounds like we're all a little doubtful.  I know they'll figure it out.  I hope they'll figure it out.  It's too expensive to be floundering around at school trying to figure it out, I guess, trying to determine which of your credits might count toward whatever -- something different.  It just isn't going at all as I thought it would.

* * * * *

Dsc07167In other news, and on a lighter note, the weather was surprisingly nice for most of the day yesterday -- sunny, warm, dry.  Today, there's more precipitation in the air, but I think the weather pattern we've been stuck in is starting to change.  I took the camera with me while I did a garden check, pulled some dandelions (most of them came out with very little resistance), and things have been changing out there!  This is my Sum and Substance hosta, living up to its name this year, making my heart flutter.  I think this is its third year coming up in my garden -- it gets a little bigger and more established every year.  My shoe (you know the one) is at the bottom of the picture for scale -- and there's still a lot of time to grow!



Damn! I thought I'd got rid of that big lump in my throat until I read my comments. And then your post. DO NOT DOUBT how you're handling things. You have done fine. "Things" can't always be handled. Working (even at mind-numbing labor) is good. It helps one to understand a lot and the $$$ ain't bad. Plans change. Experience is gained. People grow. Mostly what you need to do now is listen. Listen and love.


Wow! What a gorgeous hosta! I didn't realize the size until you pointed out your shoe. I thought houseplant size. Huge! :-) It seems to be too warm here in the summer in FL to grow hostas very well. I've seen a few but not a whole lot. I absolutely love them!


Oh, how I love the idea of different shades on your fixture!!! that is so unique and just think, you can revel in the memories of your sis and you having fun finding them!
Is it sort of like full place settings of dinnerware (china?) but all different? I think it is fun and you go girl!!!


I think college has changed a lot in recent history, and I have become deeply suspicious there are problems with the current system. Were I to do it again, I'd take time off. It doesn't matter so much what you do in college, you just have to get good grades. I wish I had known that at the time. If I had walked away for a while and had a full-time job, I think it would have been better for me. At that age, I lacked a sense of perspective I didn't gain until my 20s. Best of luck to all of you. It will sort itself out.


My heart is right there with you - having grown children is a whole new experience. Out of four, only one, the 22 year old DD, is even close to finishing a degree, but has also realized that her chosen field of Child Development, is such a poor-paying one, that she is going through her own period of questioning. Another, my step-son, has decided to make his career in fire, rappeling out of helicopters (how can this be a comforting image to a mother?). I realized that now I am just along for the ride, a consultant and mostly bystander, hoping for the best for each. Hang in there, mama.


I'm guessing your mother commented on the bare burnt out bulb. That's what my mother would have done.
So, what you're saying is we really have no control over the choices our kids make? Hunh.


I always that college at age 18 was too soon. I think that everyone should take a year off....but, I also sense your concern. I have a niece (Jef's daughter) who is now 23 and just cannot get her act together.......

Vicki Forman

I love seeing your plants every year.


Love your shades and your go with the flow attitude. Nothing in life is as we expect it. At least not for us...Love the crossing eyes story! What a nut! :)


I love Celia's advice - listen & love. It is perfect. One thing that is absolutely certain - your girls are fantastic women and will make good decisions for themselves. It's what you raised them to do and now you have to trust that. It will all work out in the end (it's what I tell myself too!)

kathy b

It's hard being the Support Staff eh?

Feel's like we are passing out the water to the runner's all day and cheering them on. When everyone else's boat is leaky they climb onto yours. Sure makes your boat tippy for awhile!

Be good to yourself. Its hard to be the Support staff!


Well, Vicki, you kow the only certainty we can count on is uncertainty. Oh, there is a greater plan for your daughters, and so many times it's not even close to what we dream up for them....ususally it's much better! I was noticing how just about over night, my hostas (including the mighty Sum and Substance) are just incredible this year! It's as if they are glowing!

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