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Thanks for the nice tribute Vicki. The blanket was so inspiring and certainly reminded me how easy it is to bring people together for a good cause and what it can do. Jef's death and your brother's accident illustrates how precious and fragile life is and how important it is to appreciate every moment.


I know! I was sad, too, and it also made me think of you and Michael and how things *could* have turned out. Life is short and it's so important to remember that every single day.


It was so sad. Because Christine 'brought' him to us it felt as if we had lost a little something. We were able to bring a little comfort to his last days. May he be at peace and may Christine find peace, too.


How sad. How fortunate he was surrounded b y so much love. I have two friends, young people with young families, who are undergoing chemotherapy--one for the second time with cancer in more places and another with brain cancer.

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