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Struggling with a 6-stitch pattern and a 4-row repeat, I'm still not back on track with the Simply Lovely Lace Sock.  Simply.  Lovely.  Hm.  Perhaps I'll be feeling it a little bit later.  Oh, but I did finish the Fibonacci sleeve last night and it will be getting a bath and blocking tonight.  I'm so excited that the majority of the knitting is finished!!

That's the end of today's knitting content, except for a little bit about knitting bones...

Margene, celebrating her 600th post today (and it's a beauty), made me take note of some NUMB3RS this morning... this is my 625th post!  That's just crazy, man, crazy.  I couldn't help but also notice the number of comments.  Margene gets a ton more comments than I do on a regular basis, and I know her number is thousands, if not thousands-upon-thousands, more than mine, and while I love comments, it's not all about the comments, but I am closing in on a rather significant and fairly large number of comments... in the realm of I-might-soon-be-whoring-for-more and a prize!  ; )

Bone2I took delivery in yesterday's mail from Christine of one big, blue blanket made up of many, many squares.  I'm pretty much struck dumb when I think about it all -- her brother, my brother, squares, blankets and many, many hearts.  I am looking forward to delivering it to its final, intended recipient and perhaps I'll find some better words to express myself -- or maybe Michael will -- but until then, "Thank you" is the best I can do to Christine and all the knitters of beautiful, blue squares.  Thank you.  I haven't written much about Michael recently.  He's still on an amazing, but painful path of miraculous recovery.  Today, he sees an orthopaedic doctor due to unrelenting pain from the fractured scapula.  I read that the scapula represents less than 1% of all broken bones, and it could take 6 months to a year for complete recovery and return of full range of motion.  I hope they can find a way to make recovery more comfortable.  On Monday, he has the long-awaited appointment with the neurosurgeon and will hopefully get the green flag to start losing the body brace, that the all the broken vertebra are healing as hoped and that no further surgery will be required.  Kellee's Knit Up Some Bone drive for Mr. Etherknitter hits a little home here, too.  ; )  And I hope Mr. E's good news comes soon!

I can't think of a blue-squared blanket without immediately thinking of PINK!  Cynthia has had an incredible response to Warming Grace -- and I'm struck dumb again when I think of the incredible bravery and pluck of a 5-year-old.  You go, Gracie, girl!

Grace leads me to my cousin Ted, then, and his mom and dad.  Ted was tall and lanky and had huge dimples -- darn, it was catchy -- he was always smiling and flashing those dimples!  They lived in Albquerque, so we didn't see them much when we were growing up -- only when they'd come here to visit.  I went to Albuquerque for the first time about eight years ago for Ted's wedding; his mother was dying from a recurrence of breast cancer and it was uncertain whether she'd even be strong enough to attend.  Turned out, the wedding day was the best day she'd had in ages... and she danced the night away.  She died a couple of months later.  My uncle died a couple of years after that, also of cancer; and then Ted.  Ted had a rare form of leukemia for his age -- completely curable if he'd been a child -- and specialists from around the country were in the loop.  He fought hard, too, but lost the battle almost two years ago.

I was recipient yesterday of a group email from another uncle; the subject line was, "Ordeal."  Gulp.  His wife successfully battled breast cancer a few years ago, but she's back on the battleground and underwent 9 hours of surgery yesterday -- with everything that's involved to excise a tumor -- weirdly, she also has a scapula involved.  I'm a bit sketchy on the details because, as is usual for my family, this is the first I've heard of it.  It's left me a little rattled.



Oh Vicki! SO MUCH to deal with! I'm thinking of you and missing you so much this weekend, my fibery friend. I will find just the right pick me up for you.

The blanket looks amazing. Michael will speechless I'm sure. And even though it's so amazing his recovery, it's still long and hard and painful. Hugs for everyone today! L, C


I wish we could sit in each other's gardens and just chat and knit together. It would help with all this, you know.


You could have made this post into Carole's good, bad and ugly. And I feel like Carole as it would be great to give you a real hug and sit and knit with you today.


Life's random cruelties are so horrible. I will pray for your aunt......

I'd like to sit in your garden and knit, too........


wouldn't it be so nice to be neighbors? We'd sit, knit, sniffle & drink iced tea!


Isn't cancer crappy! I want to sit in your garden and knit too, but can I have a gin and tonic or a kir, I don't like iced tea!
Michaels blanket looks amazing, hope he just keeps getting better and better. Have a good weekend.


it seems the bad news just keeps on rolling ... it's got to stop sometime, doesn't it? at least we've got good news coming in, too - glad to hear michael's healing. i recently got the news that a close family friend was in a similar head-on accident and, well, there's just nothing that prepares you for that. nothing. but she's going to make it through, and that's all that matters, in the end. hang in there!


Oh, I just looked at Christine's blog and saw one of my blue squares in Mike's blanket! Hooray! As for the the bad news, all I can say is cancer sucks. Bigtime.


Fab blanket. Gotta get back to my Grace squares...sorry to read about the cancer. My mom has beat it twice now.

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