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Happy May Day

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We did a little rummaging on Saturday and this is part of my haul from a sale at the home of the couple who own an antique mall in our area (not the one at which I occasionally fill in) -- it was bargain day!  Holy crap, they had a lot of stuff -- a lot of little stuff.  I selected these pattern books, along with a box full of miscellaneous crafty directions (knit, crochet, quilt) -- all for a dollar.  There was a very nice package of quilting templates in the box that my sister might be interested in, and lots of patterns sent for from the newspaper. It's possible that whoever these things belonged to taught knitting at one time because there were multiple copies of a few of the patterns.  Kate & Al went through boxes of mismatched silverware and came up with a handful each, and they found some other stuff, too.  It was fun -- I love early season rummage sales after the long drought of winter.

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Dsc06006On Sunday, while Katie spent four hours cleaning up and throwing out, I copied all 1200 +/- pictures from her memory stick to our computer, then burned them all to a DVD.  I'm in the process of sorting them into folders (UK, France, Italy, etc.) and even subfolders (Wales, Ireland, Dover, etc.) for slide shows.  In a word:  WOW!  And so many pictures that bring to mind Sandy of the Skies.  ; )  The "orphan" photo above is one that Katie found at a shop in Italy -- she also brought home a couple of studio portraits, but this informal snapshot, with all the moms and aunts and grandmas and babies, is a favorite of us both.  Oh, that Katie... I'm definitely rubbing off on her.  ; )

Dsc07113Thank you for all the lovely "I" comments.  I think you can tell that my individuals had a good time helping me out with the photo challenge.  I chuckled at Robyn's comment about them all being in blue (Katie had a black shirt on) because I'd said the same thing when I uploaded the photos.  I think their individuality shows in very subtle, everyday ways.  Nothing was staged at all, it was very impromptu -- I said, "Let's go outside before I forget or it gets dark; I need to take your picture for my 'I' shot and my word is 'individual'; what can we do?"  We brainstormed on our way out the door!  You'll notice that Maddy doesn't even have shoes on... did you notice Ali's?



What a great haul on the old knitting stuff - but boy, those patterns can get hard to read!


Happy MAY Day!


I love all your old knitting goodies, I bet Katies photos are all fab and I adored your girls in your "I" photos.


if you were my neighbor, I'd leave posies on your door!

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