I've been Fibbing some more
Too much

Have I told you lately...

...that I love you?  You guys ROCK!  So many great ideas and solutions to ponder!

This happens to me so often...  I take the pictures, write the post, think-think-thinking all the while, trying to leave no stone unturned, and yet something totally new (or two) pops into my head as soon as I publish it and have a first real look.  It's just not real 'til it's posted, you know?  Typos usually jump off the screen at that very moment, too, no matter how many times I've proofread in either entry mode or preview mode.

At yesterday's initial look-see, the first thought that popped in was wondering whether the gold yarn was too light a color to use as a button band.  I laughed when the very first comment, left by a Be*mused Jan, wondered the exact same thing!  Great minds, and all that...  The obvious reason for gold coming to my mind first is that I have the most of that color, but it's perhaps not the best reason!

Dsc07140A little tidbit gleaned from this little book, The Right Way to Knit (Book 1), by Evelyn Stiles Stewart, c 1967, has allowed me to determine that I probably have enough of any of the colors to knit a button band.  This book was in the bag of four that I bought at last week's estate sale for a half-dollar, which means it cost me about twelve cents -- it's a treasure and has easily paid for itself -- and is a trove of information yet to be discovered.  You'd never take it for treasure on face value, especially these days, or by looking at the projects -- mostly scarves and baby blankets -- but it has a LOT of very useful tidbits and information; I have just ordered Book 2 from The Yarn Barn after finding glowing reviews about both books (my cost average will still be excellent).

Carole wondered why add a band at all, and Cara wondered whether I'd even wear the sweater closed much.  As Enjay suggested, I think a button band could frame the other colors nicely, though I don't know if I'd introduce another color -- the darkest color I've used is an almost-gray green, pretty dark, very neutral among the others, and would work well this this idea.  I really own very few cardigans, considering how much I like to wear them (and do wear them), so this will be a most welcome addition to my wardrobe -- and I almost always wear them buttoned, except for the top two or three.

Mary-Lou, I really like the idea of thin stripes of colors for the bands!  Oh, that could look so cool.  This is where my head begins to swim a little, because Liz mentioned my idea to do loops, which weren't really loops (must have been my artistic "ability" that gave her that idea), but they could be!  That could work!  Her comment about it being "one of the happiest sweaters" she's seen makes me want to make it work.  Heeheee.  Thank you, Liz.  ; )

Emily reminded me to watch the stripes -- I love them and hope I don't end up hating them -- and thinks a grosgrain option would help stabilize the fabric and keep the stripes aligned.  It might be easier to align the stripes without a button band -- I guarantee that any straying in one direction or the other is going to be noticeable with or without!

Christine, you've got other, important things on your mind.  ; )

And then Julia piped up with a thought about non-button options like clasps or frogs; echoed by Susanne who added her two-cents worth of snaps!  Fabulous ideas!  Oh, I could make my own frogs.  I could make my own cording for the frogs with the yarn from the sweater!  (Save me, people, because I even had half a thought about multi-colored tassels somewhere.)

This is how creativity works, though, isn't it?  You just brainstorm your way, unedited, to a solution.  ; )  The editing comes later...

Lynne and Ann, Angelia and Yvette, your opinions are most appreciated!

And then along comes Margene.  She always thinks thing through and has great ideas, doesn't she?  It's soothing just to see her name in the comments, isn't it?  Om.  Breathe.  Relax.  It's Margene...  And she is brilliant, as expected:  I-cord!  It could be attached and used in conjunction with frogs, even!  It's great suggestion... but then I have to sheepishly admit to all of knitblogland that I've never made even an inch of I-cord.  ; )  Am I the last knitter in the world to do it?

While I weave in more ends and continue working the gusset of a Lovely Lace sock, I shall do some pondering and experimenting.  Thanks again!  Man, I love you guys.



There is a way to attach i-cord as you knit it. I used it for the fiesta tea set from Interweave (http://www.interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/pdf_files/FiestaTeaSet.pdf) and it was not difficult.


So glad you think we're helping! I'd be overwhelmed by the possibilites at this point, I think.


What a wealth of ideas! I don't envy you having to choose just one of them but I can't wait to see how it winds up.


How about doing applied I-cord around, changing colors in the Fibonacci sequence??


you really are like the world's oldest virgin with that little lack of I cord confession!


I really kind of like the idea of I-cord, but again with the color. And you're not the only one without i-cord experience.


Piping in a little late, but here's another suggestion: I made a Jo Sharp sweater (Anjuli -- horizontal stripes!) which was bordered with a reverse stockinette stitch roll on the neck and front bands.

Pick up, work reverse st st until it curls nicely to the inside, then bind off. It looks kind of tubey and i-cordy, and you can skip picking up where you want the buttonholes to be and just cast on two or three stitches instead -- makes a gap on the pick up row so it looks like your stellar drawing!

There's a photo towards the bottom of my 2005 Finished Projects page (it's purple -- Surprise, surprise!). Hmm -- it looks like the buttonholes were actually within the body of the sweater, but I've done it the way I described above somewhere else, so I know that works.


I have had that book "The Right Way to Knit" since I was . . . should I reveal???? . . . about 12 years old. I have referred to it many times and just got it out again for a baby blanket pattern. What a great find!

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