Weekend in review
Where does Kevin Bacon fit in?

I'd like to tell you...

Norma's posted her short list today -- that would be the NOT shitlist consisting of only one name, the one and only Kay.  I can't imagine Kay being on anyone's shitlist, really, but it doesn't seem to bode well for the rest of us, now, does it?

I would so love to tell you who is currently on my shitlist, but I don't know her name.  All I know is that she zoomed right to the top of the list in her BMW last night, and nearly right up my ass, apparently doesn't have a clue about road etiquette or what a directional light signifies to other drivers, can't take a hint, or another hint, or another hint, and has a very blank, clueless stare behind her sunglasses while she's NOT rolling down her window to hear what I'm saying when at a stop light several miles down the road.  I was saying it rather calmly, too, considering everything.  That's when I nearly lost it.  Oh, it was so frustrating that I couldn't communicate with her!  You know how James Bond and Batman have really cool cars with stuff that shoots out the back?  I don't want bullets, nails or oil slicks, I want a reader board on mine -- an idiot driver alert system -- it doesn't have to shoot a thing and it doesn't even have to be very big.  It would be like they have at the bank, scrolling with the latest loan rates, or at the DMV ("now serving #-5-9-6").  All I wanted to say was, "Your directional light is on!"  It was only after the blank stare that I would have had anything to add.  ; )

That was on my way home, after picking up my car at the shop where repairs and service ended up costing twice what I'd anticipated.  Over the past couple of weeks, it had become difficult to turn the key in the ignition.  Katie spent over ten minutes -- and has a blister to show for it -- yesterday and they ended up having to replace the whole damn ignition thing.  I grumbled and asked the service guy if this was common and he said that it wasn't, but I'm not so sure...  I found other grumbles online and even the courtesy shuttle driver remarked that a lot of people seem to have trouble with their ignition.  After putting service through the ringer a bit, I agreed to having it replaced but told him to make note of the fact that I wasn't happy.  Ugh, whatever, it works.

I felt better after I ate supper.  I finished the remaining front and joined the last shoulder of Trellis while watching Jack Bauer aboard the slow boat to China, and as Horatio Caine made plans to visit Brazil, I started the collar!  I love season finales!  I also went to bed early and wore my wrist brace, so that feels much better today.  ; )



No spoilers for 24 please. I'm deep into Season 2. Yeah, late to the party on this one but I'm lovin' it.


The reader board is a good idea, but that would assume that she actually reads, which, after the blank stare, I highly doubt. You could always go with Coffee Shop Gene's disintegrater gun. ZAP! Problem solved.


LOL. That is not my COMPLETE list. Don't worry, you're on my NOT shitlist, too. I have to trickle them out little by little. :)


Ah yes, bitches in BMWs. If you find the sign board I want one, too. I saw Jack being drug away. When does the guy get any sleep!!


Oh and it's great that you're feeling better. Take care of that arm!


Congratulations on winning the "I" contest. I loved your entry!

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