J is for...

I'm not letting it bother me...

Famous last words... and I seem to utter them with some frequency, so no doubt this isn't the last time you'll hear them from me.  This in an email to Carole yesterday:

I finished the back and sleeves of Trellis a while ago, and am doing the fronts at the same time -- I had a little screw-up in the moss stitch pattern of the first diamond after picking it up again, but I'm not letting it bother me.

It did so bother me, especially since it was a) on the front, b) on both fronts, c) the same general variety of screw-up on both sides but each with its own distinctive "style."  I ripped it out to a certain point last night and then spent the rest of the evening getting it back on the needles and employing my limited skills as a hooker to do the fix.  Moss stitch ain't no fun with a hook.

Dsc07196 Dsc07197

The color is brighter than appears on the left, not quite so bright as the right.  I'd like to have this finished for Mack's birthday.

Dsc07198This weekend, I'll be doing some planting -- this stuff is mostly for my front porch planter box and for a new plant stand that I nabbed at a rummage sale last weekend.  I think I need some pots for the stand yet.

I'll likely hit a few rummage sales again tomorrow with one, two or all three of the girls.  Katie and I stopped at one last night and I found the most amazing selection of hardly-worn shirts, a pair of shorts, and a couple of short-all outfits for Mack for $5.00.  Woohoo.  He's going to be stylin' the summer.  ; ) I never had the patience for rummaging when my girls were little.

I had an idea of a few things I wanted at the nursery today and this wasn't one of them.  My hand didn't hesitate for one second in grabbing this rex begonia, though, because it's gorgeous and so dramatic!  As I read the name on the pick, "Boston Cherries & Chocolate," I smiled and thought of a particular bunch of east coast knitters.  Is there significance to cherries and chocolate in Boston?  The girls' grandpa just sent them some Harry & David Bing Cherry Chocolates and the very, very bad part is that I like them better than the girls and have been eating them more than the girls (oh, WAY more) and they are BAD.but.ohsogood.

Don't forget to get out and vote!  The deadline for voting in Ina's "I" challenge is midnight Mountain Time on Sunday, May 21st.  Go -- have a look at all the entries as chosen by Ina and Anne:

Jane at Not Plain Jane
Karlie at A Long Yarn
Minnie at Muses of a Dragon Mad Knitter
and Me

And then VOTE!  I'd be pleased if you voted for me, of course, but do vote for the one that you like best.  ; )  And finally, have a great weekend -- I hope it's dry if you need dry, wet if you need wet.



And I notice that you didn't tell them that you recommended I knit this pattern, too. Even though you've screwed it up. ;-)


I voted :)


I hope you had a great weekend and picked up some stuff at the sales, your Begonia is a fabulous colour.


LOVE your porch and the knitting amongst the flora! do you do both fronts at the same time? interesting idea. but i would be worried that i would get the yarns all messed up . they look good... your fixing seems to have worked!

hope you win!

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