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I've been Fibbing some more

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Dsc07138Remember how much I liked the fringe -- "A Surrey With the Fringe On Top" and all that?  See the scissors and needle in the pictures above?  I've been weaving in the ends of all that "beautiful" fringe.  Cara, my Short-Rows sweetheart, I feel your stripey pain.  Oh, how I do love this sweater, though, and Short Rows, too.  It's a big ol' pain in the butt -- a couple of hours or so to do just one side, and it could be twice as bad, but I already knit in one end as I worked, and it's worth it, really.  I love this -- and Short Rows, too, and who knows... could be in my future.

Dsc07137That's all the yarn I have left.  The one ball, off to the left, is all I ever had of that color -- kind of a purple-y maroon and I kept it only as insurance in case I ran out of one of the other reds.  I'm glad I didn't have to use it, but it could have been an interesting "feature."  Now, as soon as I get the ends woven in, I'll be sewing in the sleeves and then sewing up the side seams.  I want this to be a roomy sweater, but not huge and I'm afraid it's bordering on damn big.  I've been thinking of buttonband options (presented in random order) that would not add too much more fabric...

Option 1:  Do not add a buttonband.  Instead, attach grosgrain ribbon for stabilization along each edge (there would be some fussing for a nice, smooth edge, especially on the buttonhole side), sew the buttons on one side, and make buttonholes with the sewing machine in the other.  There is probably a design term for this, but I've only had one cup of coffee so far this morning.  Plus: No additional fabric, will even eat up a little.  Minus: Machine buttonholes in knitting; I have a well-marinated vest aging for this very reason.  Another plus: Would likely get the aforementioned vest finished, too; in fact, it would probably be the lab rat.

Option 2:  Similar to Option 1, except the edges would actually be folded over onto themselves.  Kind of a self-buttonband.  Plus: This would really eat up some fabric.  Minus: Again with the machine-made buttonholes (and again with the aforementioned and attending +/-).  In doubt: This could pull the body in a weird way; will need to finish seaming and then try it on.

Dsc07135Option 3:  Knit a regular buttonband.

Option 4:  Knit a narrow buttonband and, rather than making buttonholes in the actual band, there would be vertical gaps between the buttonband and the actual sweater, resulting in buttonholes!  (See "drawing" above -- and gimme a break).  Or, a variation on this would be to knit one row like a normal buttonband, and then make the buttonholes.  Or crochet an edge and then pick up to knit...

Dsc07136I've been trying to channel some design inspiration -- and you can, too!  Summon your inner Bonne Marie Burns, Wendy Johnson, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Ann Shayne & Kay Gardiner, Anna Bell, Stefanie Japel, Jenna Wilson, and some of the fabulous, inspirational sources at our disposal these days, and help me figure out the best thing to do here!  ; )

Oh, and COLOR!  I'm thinking the redder maroon for the collar because it would look nicest against my skin, and the gold, maybe, if I knit a buttonband?  What do you think about color, based on the quantities available?



It looks great, Vicki! I like the maroon for the collar but I'd be more inclined to a more neutral color for the you think you'd have enough of that grayish-blue? The heathery pink might be a good choice, too. I think the gold might be too light of a value and would take away from the lovely progression of colors in the body of the sweater.
Just my two cents!


This is totally in the wrong spot - but I was away on vacation and in catching up on everything I saw MY square in the blanket for Michael - it looks so much happier in with all the others - my first attempt at knitting a picture in anything - a house that meant home, family and lots of love - seemed to cover it all . Hoping it brings all those things and more...


Well - if it's big - then why add a button band? Do the grosgrain ribbon thing.


I'm too tired to give any suggestions but I wanted to say it looks AMAZING! I LOVE IT! And I'm having flashbacks on all the ends. At some point in my life I will finish short rows. Hopefully sooner than later.

That said I would think on two things before deciding on the button band. 1) how much yarn can you get? Or have? and 2) how often do you think you'll actually be wearing the sweater closed?

That's my contribution to a conclusion. ;-)


Honestly, I'd go with a color not in the sweater. A medium charcoal with black flecks would likely be my choice, it would frame the other colors and set them off but not draw a lot of attention to itself, I'd think.


Love the colours, Vicki. THink either option 3 or 4 sounds nicer than the machine buttonholes, what about knitting your bands in thin stripes (eg 2 rows garter stitch in several of your colours) - knitted sideways you'd get nice vertical bands


Love the colours and the combinations you've done, it's a Beautiful piece of work. So opinions... I like best your idea to do a narrow buttonband and make buttonhole "loops". I think it would look really beautiful with what you have going colour wise, as it won't be a "wide" band to break up vertically what you have created so beautifully on the horizontal scene (if that makes sense). I think I would also keep the collar and the button band the same colour, but that's a personal thing... It's one of the happiest sweaters I've ever seen.


Hm, I vote for the grosgrain. It will stabilize the fabric when you have the sweater buttoned, I think. Especially with stripes, you dont want the fabric to get pulled out of allignment.


I'm between Option 1 and Option 4 ------will ponder this some more.


How about a non-button option? Clasps (like the ones on Scandinavian sweaters) are one way to go, and frogs (maybe in all different colors) would be another idea.


There is yet another option....snaps or clasps..would work as then you wouldn't have to "add fabric" but you could fold over to make a nice firm basis for either of the above choices, thus taking up some of the "largeness" of the sweater.
I love, love, love, the colours though and you must remind me, is this purely leftovers or did you buy all these with intentions of those wonderful stripes???

lynne s of oz

oooh, clasps sound like such a good idea for your lovely fibber! As for the collar, I would go with somthign that suits your colouring best.
Lots has been happening there and I've been MIA again! Hope things are going ok for your uncle's wife (I think that's right?)


oooo, I like Enjay's idea for a charcoal black button band, but I don't know how that fits in with my idea to not have a button band at all. Maybe just a frog closure at the top ...


That sweater looks amazing. Sorry I can't help you with the button dilemma. :-)


The button band looks would be great and I like Enjay's idea of a color to tie the sweater together...a dk maroon or charcol (or gold...) but another idea might be I-cording up the bands and around the collar. You could make looks with it that looked like frogs. It's a great looking sweater!


I think it looks fabulous, what about a narrow band with button loops, I have only ever crocheted like this though. I like norwegian type metal clasps too. For colour I like one of the pink/reds if you have enough.

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