Mother's Day

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May 12, 2006

Dscf8344Well, I must say, I’ve never written to a blogging community before so this is a first for me. To start with, I’d like to thank you all for the knitblogger blanket of love as I will need something to keep my broken body warm. It really isn’t that bad. It all was very serious, but besides my neck, back and shoulder, I am doing just fine. I do believe lots of prayers got me to where I am today and I thank all of you for that. It was hard, though, reading of Barbie’s breast reduction and the superglue fun I had.  My sister sure didn’t forget much, and she is a great sister.  I must say, I’m lucky to be her brother.

Copy_of_dscf7347I do like fishing and hope to get out this year, but may put it off until next year, I don’t know if my body is going to be ready for sitting for hours or dealing with waves in the boat. We’ll have to wait and see.  I play in a band and hope to continue in the next few months.  I want to thank all of you for the support you gave to Vicki and for the knitblogger blanket of love.


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My SIL took the pictures -- I don't think she could tell whether things were in focus because her eyes were filled with tears.

Thank you friends.



Freaking fabulous!!


Hey Mike!!
The blanket is full of love for you and great healing power, too. Vicki is da bomb and we'd do anything for her. Stay warm and heal quickly!

Bookish Wendy

I can't tell if they're in focus or not because my eyes are also filled! Yay.


It was so good to read this news and straight from your brother too. You have a good family and lots of good friends including me who have been sending good thoughts all along.


Te Deus laudemus. :-)


Michael, you just made my day! Great to hear from you.


Good to see ya!


So glad to see you doing so well - you have worked hard to get to this point - I'm sure to that the love and prayers that went into each square of the blanket was a little bit of help too - so wear it in health and use it after each PT session so the magic will keep working and you will be out there fishing in no time. Totally understand the love of fishing in this household.


Aww, now nothing is in focus for me, either.....*sniff*


Awww, what a great way to start a Monday. Michael, you are one cool guy. Wishing you some nice calm fishing in your near future. Thanks, Vicki, for sharing.


The out of focus pictures are so much better than anything posed or perfect.


Thanks, Vicki, for the pics............and Michael: It is great to see you up and around! YEAH!!!!!!


Hey Michael, you keep hugging that Vicki, she's a sweetheart!


so wonderful to see your brother standing and receiving the love from the knitting community. i know you are overjoyed at his progress. he is a very lucky brother to have you as a sister!


I've been waiting for this day!! Thanks Michael!


I'm so glad your progress continues Michael - warm thoughts and prayers will continue to come your way!


I did not notice the blurry pictures as the tears are in MY eyes too!
Here's to good health and strong bodies!


Thanks, Mike. I was just about to send your SIL a message asking how you are doing. So great to get the update from the man himself. Congrats, and keep up the good work on getting well.


Mike, I have tears in my eyes; it is great to hear you feeling so good. We have been through the whole story (and I would agree your sister has one kick ass memory about childhood stories) and this feels good! Enjoy the blanket; we thought about you in each and every stitch!


Oh man. I can understand the tears; I've got them in my eyes right now. I am so happy Mike is getting better. May he continue on to a full and complete recovery.


Yeah Michael! It is so good to hear from YOU! We've all had you in our thoughts and prayers; and, guess what?-----LOOKS LIKE IT WORKED!!!!


Great Mother's Day photos!

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