Happy May Day
There will be days...



It's not even the same yarn, is it? Or the same pattern? You're too funny. But I'm glad you're happy. It took me a few tries to get the hang of a non-slanted picot edge, too.


They are so cute, I want some, I am sure I have some empty sock needles around.


Looking good darling! Looking good! Love the yarn - what is it? I know. I'm skimming. Sue me. ;-)


freaking cute


Which Trekking color is that? That looks luuurvely! Inspires me to get started on my own Trekking!


Wow.. the redo is amazing! Much crisper looking. How do you feel about redos? I used to hate them, but now I don't mind... unless I'm under a dealine it seems like I get more knitting time if there is a redo.

Strange huh?


That Trekking yarn, I think, is gorgeous!


What a difference needle size makes! Those are gorgeous - what kind of yarn is that??


I love the picot trim...I just finished a pair of Simply Lovlies, but I worked the #3DPN version with the ribbed top...had to get 'em done quicker for Sockapalooza, you know! Yours are very pretty.


I'm with Cara in the skimming department - I didn't know we needed a redo!


Beautiful! I want to try the picot -- haven't done that yet!

Vicki Forman

So great! I hope you answeer all these questions: needle size, technique, yarn. We needs to know!


Oh, how cute!!!! And, I loved those stitch markers from australia.

Dipsy D.

Oh, this looks so cute, amazing re-do! What yarn are you using for it? It looks so soft and great!

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