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Dsc07279The weather is cooler today, but also gray and rainy and it looks like that shall be so through the remainder of the week.  My new tomato plants will like it.  ; )

After I do all the things I should do today, my day off -- or at least the things I have to do but perhaps not all the things I want to do -- I'd like to sew these sweater pieces together to make a Trellis!  I may have to un-do the collar join at the back of the neck and knit a few more rows as I think it's just a smidge too short.  Luckily, I usually leave ample tails.  Oh!  I'd like to make some twisted cording today, too!

Dsc07280 Dsc07281

...if I can tear myself away from the Sugar & Cream!  I confess, I've started a fourth dishrag.

I finally kicked my own WW butt last week, after my complete chocolate cherry collapse the previous week, and lost 3.4!  What did I do differently?  I QuikTrak'd for a couple of days, I forced myself to drink a bottle of water (most days) before hooking up the daily caffeine-free Diet Coke drip (and sometimes even had an extra!), I ate strawberry-rhubarb stuff instead of chocolate-cherry stuff, I walked a little bit.  ; )  There is still VAST room for improvement in the areas of water consumption and exercise, but I have at least begun.  A few more weeks on this general track, and I think some of my physical ailments will begin to subside.

In the works:  picot pictures, the letter "K," and more -- pretty soon, a new t-shirt (you can get one, too!).

I'd like to thank Rachael and The Commenters (heee) on her Hallelujah post for my new Hallelujah soundtrack!



Yay for 3.4 lbs.! Yay for washrags! Yay for t-shirts! YAY FOR YOU!


And here I am, avoiding the whole warshrag thing because I know I will fall into the abyss and have a really hard time climbing out!


those are too nice to be called rags. I think I will HAVE to get that book for sure.


You got me hooked on those damn dishcloths! Now I'm searching for that cotton everywhere I go! I went into Rite Aid today and thought maybe I should check their craft section and as I turn the corner into that aisle I hear my daughter say, "Mom. The Motherlode...." and I look, and there is more sugar 'n cream than I could imagine! I've decided for teacher's end of year gifts I'm giving them either a washcloth or bathmitt with a lovely bar of soap. What am I doing blogging? I better get knitting....

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