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Taking my hard knocks and more!

So, I had a little bit of a melt-down yesterday.  I am better today, though I still suffer the occasional twitch in my left eye.  I used to laugh when Stephanie wrote about that.  Well, guess what?  I'm not laughing anymore -- it's real!  I can't believe I've lived this long and never before knew that I was so afflicted!  Continued angst over a few family things, ongoing drama over some more, a little piling on of some other stuff, just a hella start to the year (the second half damn well better be better), WTF my "service engine soon" light came on within 24 hours of it exiting the service bay, and I forgot to tell them (but didn't they notice, isn't this on the checklist?) that the brake light was out on the passenger side, and quite possibly a personal best in the worst WW gain in a week ever...  I found out way too late that DH loves those chocolate cherry thingies (maybe even more than me!), but at least the last few are out of my sight... and let's not discount the featured role of hormones in all of this.

I'm turning it around.  Taking my cue from Celia, and a page from Carole...

Good:  I walked to the auto parts store to buy the replacement brake light bulb.  I dug out my tennies (can't remember the last time I wore them) and made sure there were no spiders in the toes...

Bad:  I had to turn around after a block to take laundry off the line because of sprinkles.

Good:  Even with the threat of rain, I was determined to walk.  (It never did rain and the sun came out!)

Ugly:  I shed a few tears along the way.

Bad:  Special tools required to change the bulb.

Bad:  The dog got out while I was in and out trying to find the special tool.

Ugly:  I swore -- loudly.

Ugliest:  (I think this would be the climactic meltdown moment...)  I swore some more (loudly some more), and shed angry tears this time, and slammed some doors, and marched up stairs, and closed more doors, and moistened some tissues... frickin' special tools that are so teensy you can't even tell if they fit and you sure can't get any torque... I'll "special tool" ya... yeah, it was a "special tool" who designed this crap...

Good:  Hubby took over (the tool sizes are misleading, he says, and it required the next size up).

Good:  I QuikTrak'd yesterday and it worked well -- very well.

Good:  I'm doing it again today, plus I actually drank some water (sadly lacking these past several weeks), plus I counted the steps to the mailbox (200, round-trip) -- I've ordered a pedometer, but it hasn't yet arrived.

Good:  I finished the collar of Trellis and blocking will commence tonight!  I should have a finished sweater by the end of the holiday weekend.  I cast on for the second Lovely Lace Sock and will be taking pics of the doing of the picot edge, by special request.  ; )

Bad:  I had an email about Knitty surprises, but the website has been down.

Good:  Knitty Gritty Thoughts -- a new-to-me blog (but not new to blogging), also new to Typepad, which is where I discovered it listed on their "recently updated" list this morning.  Go tell her what you like in a blog and you could win some pretty pink Koigu.

Good:  I'm staying home this weekend.

Good:  See, it isn't so bad... there are definitely more Goods than Bads or Uglies!



It's always best to have balance with the goods, bads and uglies. Sorry you had such an emotional day, though. Hug.


Rough day. I'm sorry. I'm a tad hormonal myself so my day seems to suck but really nothing bad has happened.

Here's to a better weekend!!!


You must feel much better today after a good (or bad) cry yesterday. We're staying home this weekend, too. MD outings are for amateurs.


Good (I hope!):


Home is where the heart is this weekend for me too. There's a rumor we might be cleaning the kitchen. Who knows how these ugly things get started. ;-) Email me and I'll call you if you want. I may not be as funny as the other one, but my definitely twitches too.


Home for the holiday = GOOD. I don't like to go away when everyone else does so I'll be home, too. Hoping to hunker down and finish the Pebble Beach socks. Oh, and link up with my Boyo in Heidelberg via iSight for the first time.


The "staying home for the weekend" one should be rated "super extra good" and out weigh a "bad" by three to one. Hope it goes better.

Vicki Forman

Thanks for the link, V. My turn next!! Gotta get the pics of the blue purse up. There hasn't been enough knitting lately.


Props to you for even attempting to change that little freakin bulb! Have a good one!


Hang in there toots! Was this on the Saturn? Kevin always had a bitch of a time trying to fix anything on ours!


Not that I couldn't have done it...but I was always mowing the lawn with Gracie in the backpack. You know...we all have our jobs!


Yes, I have twitchy eyes too. Lack of sleep and stress is what makes that happen. But who has stress or worries in their lives? And what is sleep? And cars that need "special tools" uugh!! Mine needs a "special" star thingy just to change the plates on the stupid thing. No, No stress!!


You know, it seems like a good idea to break it all down into good, bad and ugly. That way, it doesn't seem so bad and it seems to help you focus on some of the good that can often be overshadowed by the bad. Try to have a good weekend. Oh, and I'm so glad you won for the "I."

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