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I got back around midnight from picking up and delivering my daughter to her friend's house.  This friend lives in a teensy, tiny "town" -- a crossroads community, really -- one of those "don't blink or you'll miss it" places with a couple of bars and a church, though this one is a bit of an anomaly due to it's having three bars and no church.  It also has a miniature, fake watertower as a landmark.  And -- I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, I can't believe I've lived here as long as I have and I've never known of this -- an annual Testicle Festival, or Testi Festi for short.

As Katie (she who knew of this years ago!) said, "What else are they going to do with three bars and no church?"

Turns out it's not the only one of its kind, either.

My life could hardly be described as "sheltered," but this kind of makes me wonder what else I've been missing around here.


Steph VW

Testi Festi? That's brilliant, although, the thought of what the festival activities must encompass are disturbing.

First of all, there's the festival fairground food - Franks and beans?

Then there are the contests - Do they make the men wear spandex shorts for a "smuggling grapes" jog?

Oh, the possibilities for my sick, sick mind.


Do I dare ask? What do they do at this sort of, ummm, festival?


This IS the American Midwest we are talking about??????? Puritanical as all get out? I.can't.believe.it.

I suppose they are referring to steer testicles or something?


That is hilarious. Such a festival might not work here where I live. Though it does make one wonder what its all about... a link with info would be entertaining. :D


Maybe a new addition to Rhinebeck?


Hmm, was that still in Wisconsin? How far North are you?? My Wisconsin home cities are Manitowoc, Stevens Point, Oshkosh and Elkhorn. I don't remember any Testi Festis around those areas. There was the Golden Sands Festivan in Plover that, in the old days, had beer kegs on the floats and free beer was dispensed to the spectators rather than candy!! I hear that the parade is tamer in modern times. I remember lots of small town sausages and weiners from the Manitowoc area--but no testicles that I recall.


You ARE going, right? I mean, you must give a proper blog report of the Testi Festi!!!


I almost don't want to know. But how hysterical! I grew up in the upper midwest - never heard of such a thing!


this will need further explanation!


Maybe a question better left unasked?


Ohh, this made me giggle. One does have to wonder precisely *what aspect* it is that they celebrate. By the way, did you know that 'avocado' comes from an Indian word for 'testicle'?


ha ha. That's a new fest I haven't heard of either. Three bars is the minimum for any small community in WI but I guess they don't feel like they need to go to church the day after the bars.


a festival to celebrate testicles. Honestly, I'm not terribly surprised :) There are lots of odd and interesting things to do in Wisconsin!

And I do love the way you display those plates along your deck! What a fab idea! I'm also truly in love with your new addition, the lovely blue beauty in the middle! Stunning!

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