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Dsc07118_1Dsc07122_2I have two things that don't always go well together:  a dog and a garden.  There's a hidden benefit, though, as I would normally enjoy the bleeding hearts only in the garden.  Oh, my, they make a lovely bouquet on the kitchen table!  Yesterday morning the sun was shining through the window and the "drops" were illuminated -- it was lovely.

Yesterday, I was in Oshkosh (home of little overalls, big trucks, and an airshow) at one of the largest estate sales ever.  It was in a small, brick ranch on an overwhelmingly Victorian street.  Oshkosh is a town built by lumber and it shows!  Anyway, it was a large sale and there were lots of people and we had to wait a while to gain entrance.  I came away with a few little treasures, lightening my wallet by only $6.00 (not bad at all), including some DMC booklets on knitting, crocheting and tatting, along with a couple of other knitting booklets (one, by McCalls, has Barbie clothes as well as patterns for real people).

Dsc07119 Dsc07120 Dsc07121_1

The other thing I came away with was a collection of about a dozen old photos and portraits -- wedding, sisters, mother-daughter, baptism, etc.  I cannot resist these things and I choose them on total impulse and first impression based on clothing, expression, posture.  My favorites are school photos, weddings, kids (individually or in groups), men, women, families -- okay, okay, I don't really have a favorite... I love them all! This one -- OMG, this one -- is my brand new favorite!  (I wonder which one is his mother...)

Socks, socks, socks!

Dsc07123 Dsc07124

Simply Lovely Lace Socks by Karen Baumer, as found in the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits.  This pattern was written for two different yarn weights -- sportweight and fingering; I am doing the finer version and using Trekking XXL sock yarn in color 106, which was part of the bootie from a contest I won at JessaLu's a while back.  The pattern uses Gems Pearl and size 0 needles; I'm using size 2 needles with the Trekking.  I may go to a smaller needle at some point, but I may not -- my ankles aren't thin by any means, and I have problems with occasional swelling.  Anyway, I did the picot edge -- you've seen it around at Claudia's and Cara's and now Sandy's, and more -- but I did not want to wait 'til the sock was all finished to tack that edge down by hand, as written in the pattern!  I wanted to tack that baby down right away so I could admire it as I worked all the way to the toe!  I did my normal cast on over two needles and then worked the picot cuff as written, except I tacked down the cast on edge as I knit the last row -- similar to the way I'd do a hem, but much smaller scale.  I was winging it the first time around and that's why I ended up with a wonky edge and ended up ripping it out.  I may have gone a little overboard the second time around -- looping a length of yarn in a contrasting color all along the edge to mark each spot where the needle should go -- but it's straight and even and it was a little bit easier on my eyes.  Damn bifocals.

I worked on the sock yesterday, sitting on the front porch of the house while waiting to be admitted to the sale.  Unfortunately, my count was off and now I'm in the process of tinking back a couple of rows.  Last night, I worked on that last sleeve for Fib and I ought to have it finished tonight!!  Woohoo!  I am dipping into the small reserve for nearly every color now and I'm not sure I'll have enough of any one color for the button bands and collar.  I have a couple of ideas and will likely be putting out a call to all y'all, too.



Your bleedings hearts are beautiful. I used to have a bleeding heart bush but I lost it when we added a deck. I really need to replace that!


I feel like I haven't been outside in weeks - the bleeding hearts will be all gone by the time I get out there!

That picture is pretty funny! Nice to know - no matter what age we're in - kids are kids!


Bleeding hearts are blooming around here, too. I have some old pictures that you might like...I dig them out soon;-)


I'm guessing the woman in the middle with the resigned look on her face. Aren't old photos great?


I think its the woman with the kinda stern look and she is going to be so mad when the photographer is done!
I love old photos too, your bleeding hearts look great inside.


Vicki, I love that you buy up old photographs of people you don't even know.
It always breaks my heart to see old photos at auction or in thrift stores. Like someone didn't care enough to pass those one, care for them, love them. know what I mean?
I love that YOU love them, take them home, and even if you don't know them, they sort of become part of your family.

Oh.. and the bleeding hearts are beautiful! I have no garden this year, just a few random tulips. Next spring though, I hope my yard is ablaze with color!


Gorgeous bleeding hearts! And what a neat idea to do that sock in Trekking -- it looks neat. I have not yet tackled a picot edge, but it's on my radar! Hope you are well.


Wow, I love those socks in the Trekking!

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