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I don't know about you, but I've been getting a crapload of junk email lately.  Almost all of it ends up in my Trash, but I don't have it automatically deleted, because once in a while a "real one" gets caught in the net, so I always get to see the sender's name and the subject line before I have the satisfaction of trashing 'em for good.  OMG, this is a good one, the sender is:  PayPal Costumer Service.  Hello, I don't think I'd even fall for that one at Halloween!  ; )

I also had an email from a friend... with a talking monkey wearing a tiara, something about nightgowns and Rhinebeck and blogging royalty (ham queen, maybe!), but that's another story...  It did NOT get caught in the net.  ; )

Anyway, I have to tell you the really great news!  Really, really great news.  Michael had his neurosurgeon appointment today and he can LOSE THE DAMN BODY BRACE!  Woohoo!!!  Not all at once, mind you, but the doc expects that within two weeks (TWO WEEKS), DONE!  But wait, it gets even better... he doesn't even have to wear the cervical collar!  There was a time there when it sounded like he'd have to wear the collar for several weeks even after the brace was history, but NOPE!  That means he'll be coming to Mother's Day Brunch (at my house -- god, yes, I even volunteered) and we'll all be together and I can give him the knitblogger blanket of love.  The last time we (my siblings and I) were all together it was Michael's birthday weekend, following his birthday surgery to fix the cervical fracture, and he doesn't remember.  This will be nice.  ; )



What a great way to celebrate Mother's Day. I got the PayPal e-ail too. Loved the address it came from, paypai.com


You must be over-the-moon abou the body brace, to say nothing of how Michael must feel!!! That is wonderful news and your Mother's Day brunch will be made more special as a result.
Enjoy it and the time with your family. ss


EXCELLENT NEWS! Just fantastic Vicki! I'm so happy for all of you!

I got one of those emails from the ham queen myself. Love that. Ham Queen. I've starting counting the days until it's time to bring out my favorite Little House nightie!!!!


You will have a great Mother's Day! I have also been getting a TON of spam. Grrr!


that is such wonderful, wonderful news!! glad you liked my email - and btw, I love ham salad, with mayo and sweet relish, so maybe I am the Ham Queen. That sounds like something riding on a float in one of your fancy Wisconsin parades.


Whoo Hooo what fantastic news -

I think I have been lucky the paypal spam didn't make it thru my spam filter this time at least.


Sweet!!! That is fantastic news - what a celebration you'll have on Mother's Day - best to all!!


YEA!!!!! What are you serving? Perhaps you could inspire the rest of us!


Oh, what wonderful news about Michael!

I've been getting that crapload of junk mail, too....especially the Paypal customer service ones. Yes, they are a hoot.


DUDE! I wanna be the Ham Queen! I didn't know there were fancy Wisconsin parade floats involved?!?!?!


Great news! Yippee for Michael..........


That is so wonderful for you. It sounds like the Mother's Day brunch will be one heck of a celebration.


Awesome news, Vicki!!! Yay!


Yay for Michael! He's had quite a battle to fight and WIN!!! This will be a fantastic Mother's Day for your whole family. Have fun.


Congrats to Michael! I'm sure this Mother's Day will be one of the best for you & your family! :-)


That is so fucking great Vicki! Have a fantastic Mother's Day - the tears will be flowing when you give him that blanket. I will be thinking of you!

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