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Taking my hard knocks and more!

Where does Kevin Bacon fit in?

In April 2005, I attended the spring Midwest Master's Seminar presented by Yarns by Design, a local LYS.  It was my first seminar of this sort and I couldn't have picked a better way to start, having classes with Lizbeth Upitis, Joyce Williams, and Lily Chin.  I also had my first-ever, face-to-face meet-up with another blogger, the wonderful Amy Lu.

In September, I spent a wonderful day on the road, traveling first to The Knitting Room in Fond du Lac on a quest to procure goods for my then-Secret Pal, Anne, and then playing an unintentional game of "Where in WI is Amy Lu."  I think of that day often, and so then do I think of Amy Lu and Anne because it wouldn't have happened without them.

In January, I blogged about having leftover pumpkin lasagna that DH had brought home from a pot-luck meeting.  Turns out that the creator of that masterpiece, Pat, has raised sheep and is a spinner and weaver and all-around fiber artist (though not a knitter!) -- she is spending this week and next washing wool!

In January, I sent a link for Amy Lu's masterpiece of an April Fool's Dinner to everyone in my personal address book that I thought would appreciate it or who might want to file it away in their future foolery file -- one of those people was the above-mentioned Pat.  Pat emailed me again, a few weeks ago, requesting that link because one of her friends was interested in "meatloaf cake."

On Monday, there was a card in my mailbox from Pat in which she'd enclosed the latest newsletter from Bahr Creek Llamas & Fiber Studio -- she thought (correctly) that I might be interested in visiting there someday and wanted to make sure I was aware of them as a source for yarn and fiber.  It thrilled me no end (I'm still smiling about it) to write to Pat and tell her that Amy Lu -- culinary wiz of the meatloaf cake and skittles pot pie -- actually works and teaches at Bahr Creek!

Road trip to Bahr Creek with Pat to see Amy Lu is imminent!

I've also had a little thrill this week at having won Anne & Ina's "I" contest in the ABC-Along.  Since I owe it all to my three individuals, I'm wondering if I can thank them by knitting a pair of socks with my winnings that they can share.  ; )  Thanks to Ina and Anne and for all the votes.  I was talking to Ann today and I actually mentioned what I though I'd be posting for my L-word and my N-word -- the ABC-Along is part of my daily life!

And to round it all out, I received the notice of the Fall Midwest Master's Seminar classes and I am STOKED!  I've already chosen my classes.  I wonder if you can guess which ones -- one's a morning, one's an afternoon, and one's an all-day.  I haven't actually signed up yet, but the form is filled out...

Ann, darling, I haven't cleaned my oven yet, either, nor have I rode the vacuum today, but...

I think I'm feeling a little bit better now. ; )



Wait...you TALKED to Ann today? Like, on the phone? I am so jealous. I want to talk to you too.

Was she bitching about the fact that I haven't cleaned my kitchen yet? Man oh man I told her she could come out and clean it for me if it bothers her so much.

I'm glad you're feeling better!!! L, C


Ah yes, the meatloaf cake. And I still haven't made the pumpkin lasagna. But I will! Glad you're feeling better. Hire someone to clean the kitchen, that's my advice.


Man Vicki you're making me feel like such an ABC along slacker. After a big presentation for I, for the life of me I can't come up with a J!


Cara said I am Kevin Bacon. I do know Anne and I read AmyLu's post. To top it off...my kitchen isn't clean and I don't even KNOW where my vacuum is.

karen from Georgia

Martha Stewart baked a meatloaf cake, with mashed potato icing, on the David Letterman show Monday night. Small world. (Don't ask me where my iron is.)


I love when things come full circle like that. My kitchen is semi clean but I don't have a vaccuum... my hubby does. Just ask my kids, they'll tell you that I don't even know where the on switch is.


Bizarre that you mention Kevin Bacon. We saw him doing a Hanes T-shirt commercial during Lost last night, and we were like, "Huh?"


do you remember when Kevin Bacon was on Guiding Light? he played an alcoholic, troubled teenager.

don't breathe a word to Cara about what I said.


Gosh - I am flattered to be a part of two whole things in one blog post! Glad things are leaning towards the "good" for you. :)

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