You say "Lima" and I say "Llama"

...and my bilingual stepdad would say, "It's pronounced yam-e."

My brother called this morning and he continues to improve, slow but sure.  He said that upon awakening, nearly everyday this week, he's felt good enough to go to work!  That feeling doesn't last even 'til noon, he starts getting stiff and sore and there's still pain, but isn't that GREAT?  He's hoping to start easing back, on a part-time basis, after the 4th of July -- fingers crossed.  He's going to start going stir-crazy at home, I think!  His cognitive abilities have also shown great improvement since his release nearly two months ago.  Wow, that long already?

Anyway, since I didn't go up north this holiday weekend, I thought maybe I'd run up to visit Mike and my SIL on Monday.  Mike has wanted to get a better picture of us with the blanket, too.  It bothers him that the ones we have are all blurry.

I told him that I'd like to call that llama farm that's at their corner and see if I could stop in.  He said, "Oh, are you coming for some lima beans?"  I said, "Llama..."  He said, "I know, are you coming for some 'llama beans'?"  I said, "No... fiber, you know... yarn."  He said there's a retired guy down the road who calls the llama's poop "llama beans" -- and it makes great fertilizer!  I've never given a single thought to llama poop in my life before this morning!  Heh, I'll have to check it... llama beans.  ; )



That's such great news about Michael!


.....and his sense of humour is definitely on track too!!! "Llama beans"???? ...that is good, never heard it before...won't forget now!


It might be just the right 'stuff' for your garden. Give Michael a gentle hug from us all.


Wow,how impressive that your brother in law, who had such horrible injuries, is now talking about returning to work. The power of the human spirit and modern medicine!!!


Wow. So glad to read about your brother...but no crazy memory from childhood? Llama bean related maybe?? :)


Great news about Michael! Have a nice visit and pet the llamas for me, okay?



Mary in Boston

Glad to see that your brother continues to improve. Wonderful news that he's feeling up to thinking about going back to work.

Hope you got to see lots of llamas, but not so much of the llama beans.

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