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If I didn't blog, I wouldn't have much of a reason to take a picture of my first tomato-on-the-vine in years!  Katie spotted it and my first reaction was to grab the camera.  Duncan was taking a catnap on the glider right beside me -- he was so soundly asleep and so still, that I didn't even notice him at first.  He's still such a delightful kitty.

The knitting will return one of these days.  I have been doing some, but it's mindless or stealthy and not much to blog about -- not like big spiders, little tomatoes, cute cats and wonderful kids!  The spider is still there, by the way, I check everyday; DH returns home tomorrow after a nearly three-week absence and transporting that little bugger and all her offspring may be Job #1 for him.  Welcome home, honey.

I have been cleaning and organizing, and cleaning and organizing, and cleaning and organizing.  I've also been dealing with what I can only describe as a cosmic shift in my life -- making the cleaning and organizing even more productive!  I have decided that this is the Year of Cosmic Shift for my family -- first, the miracle that is my brother and, now, events that are right up there with hell freezing over and pigs flying.  It's all good, I think, but takes some getting used to -- when everything you've known to be true for 35 years is suddenly different.  Sorry to be vague, I'm still cleaning and organizing...


Mary in Boston

I think you should name that spider "Sheera" or "Ulrica." Of course, then you would own it, according to Aunt Purl. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't name her.

Thanks for the Duncan picture. He is a sweetie cat.


Oh I love the first green tomato fo the season. I did not make the time to get them in the ground this year, so it's just herbs and flowers for us. Good luck with that mammoth spider...


I just went out and checked, and you are way ahead of me! No baby tomatoes.


Duncan is such a cutie. Good luck with the cleaning and organising.


I came this close to starting that pantry project. The fact that Boar needs to be involved in the second phase and he is swamped at work right now is the only thing that stopped me. :) I did however manage to get it straightened up a bit!


I rather enjoy the flora and fauna. Go green tomato! And I hope the cleaning and organizing is all good or at least mostly good.


I don't have tomatoes yet, either. Not even blossoms. I do have radishes that are comely along nicely. And I hope the cosmic shift is a good one for you.


Duncan looks so sweet! Good luck with the cleaning! I hope everything is OK!


Ooooh - a mystery to keep us all coming back? As if I wouldn't. Love the kitty-cat picture.

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