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Filed under things I should already know.  If someone brings you a steak, egg and cheese bagel from McDonald's and you're on the Weight Watchers points program, it would behoove you to check the points value of said pretty yummy sandwich before taking the last bite instead of after.

OMG.  More than half my daily points inhaled in less than five minutes.  I think it was a point every time I licked a finger!  It'll be rabbit food for the rest of the day for me, and lots of water!!  Good thing I like salad.

I got my hair trimmed and layered yesterday -- the first time I've sat in a professional's chair in quite some time.  It doesn't look all that different, but it sure feels good -- and felt good to have it done.  Ali dropped me off because she had business across the street from the salon and I walked home -- after strolling down to the dime store to pick up a few balls of Sugar & Cream to go with some of my oddball colors.

The fifth dishrag is on the needles -- some of these will be gifts.  My twin sisters have their birthdays a week from today and I'll be seeing them this weekend, so there's two; my other sister is the hostess of the weekend doings, so there's another; mom will be there (and want one), another; and dad, too.  Before you know it, they're gone!  Looks like I'll have to knit some more.  ; )



I think the best part about getting your hair cut is when they wash it. I just love having someone else wash my hair!


Where's a photo of the new you? I have been pretty faithful about letting someone else manage my hair for years, just so it wouldn't look like "a shrubbery". The points were always hard to track for me, so I am working on portion size, the right food groups each day, and being happy that I am within 8 pounds of a good weight (sometimes I wish I could get back all those skinny years where I was so self-critical about being 5 pounds overweight!).


Where I live you can't walk to anything, no sidewalks and cars would mow you down. You're so lucky to live in that kind of town. I could use a good haircut myself!


I'm with Carole --- love getting my hair washed!

Vick Forman

I JUST had that same experience with an El Pollo Loco burrito. I looked up the nutritional information and it has 21 grams of fat. EEEEYAAAH. Darn it. Makes you want to toss the whole damn diet out the window, right?

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