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Is it me?

I see that there are a few comments to my earlier post... not that I'd have known without actually looking at the post, though, because I haven't received notification of a single one!  Has anyone else been having a problem with comments/email notification of comments?  It started late last week, actually, but I'd get a few..  I don't know if it's a Typepad problem or Yahoo -- and I hate to go barking up the wrong tree, you know?  Anyone???



And here I was thinking you didn't like me anymore. ;-)


I haven't had any troubles, but I use gmail and my comment volume is smaller :)


I think everyone is on vacation....that or super busy before they leave for vacation -


I've been getting comment notifications on Typepad. But of course I'm leaving this information in your comments, and you probably won't be notified about it . . .


I've been receiving my emails, but I noticed in someone else's blog that she had not been receiving hers from Typepad, either. (or could she also have Yahoo?)


I've had very slow email service and I'm on gmail. You should give Typepad a shout.


Yes -- I'm having the same problem; I also have Typepad and Yahoo, so I'm no help there.


I had troubles receiving all of my notification for several days around the end of last month. But I think it was the .Mac server futzing out, as Nate was having email troubles at the same time. Hard to know for sure. I was receiving some, but not all. I'm OK now.


I think it's a Typepad problem ... ? (as I don't use Yahoo mail). I discovered a number of messages waiting for approval when I logged in to do some more sorting out of my sidebar yesterday, and I hadn't had a notification e-mail ...


It must have something to do with Yahoo because I've been getting comments out the wazoo lately and they've been showing up in my e-mail very quickly. I hope that it works out -- nothing more frustrating than not being able to handle your comments they way you want.


It's Typepad...I've been having the same problem today. A few email notifications got through but when I happened to click onto my blog, there were many more comments. (I don't use Yahoo.)


yes--that happened to me two weeks ago and i had to get a bit nasty with the typepad help people but mine is working now. they say to go in to your preferences and check off email notification and save. then go back in and check on the notification and save again...

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