I can picot, too-torial

K is for...

Dsc07351 Dsc07356 Dsc07357 Dsc07353 Dsc07354 Dsc04352_1

Dsc07355K is for Katie, of course; my eldest.

Top row.  1) One of the first pictures, so peaceful in her daddy's arms.  2) In the other, she's just two and I'm sitting to her right with a newborn Ali in my arms -- I saw that exact same face in an earlier picture when I was rooting through the picture piles, and I was given it in person just last week!

Middle row.  1) Katie's 1-year-old photo, which I paid through the nose to have done professionally after the traveling photographer at JCPenney was a complete asshole to me, so I showed him.  Yeah.  Anyway, this thing covering the ears was Katie's way of dealing with the unknown at that age, a behavior that I would have forgotten if it weren't documented in a couple of photos.  2) "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair," taken in my mom's kitchen sink during one of our trips to Wisconsin before moving here.

Bottom row.  1) I love the red knee socks Katie's wearing; we're on the sidewalk in front of our house and the yard is still quite wild and untamed behind us!  2) Katie at Stonehenge a few months ago.  At right: a preschool Raggedy Ann.

I love you, sweetheart.



What an adorable little girl and beautiful young woman. Lucky you for having her as a daughter and lucky her for having you as a mom.


That's a wonderful photographic essay, Vicki.


I just have to say, Vicki, that your girls are so beautiful. When I see photos of them, there's something so enchanting about them... they're so unique and special. Loved these photos! :)


She is a beauty. You have created three lovely women. Nice work!


Awwwww! What cute photos!


I'm having an AWWW moment too. A little misty-eyed...




She has such beautiful fiery red hear! Color me jealous!! Great photos :)


totally kute K!!


What a great set of photos. Katie clearly has a lot of spunk. I think I'd like her a lot. Good job on your part! :)


This is one of the reasons I love your blog. Each one of those photos told a little story all by itself. Clearly you have a gift for mothering beautiful, intelligent women. Katie could not be more lovely. (LOVE her hair. WANT her hair.)

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