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Dsc07251Laundry (on the line).

One of my favorite things is to pull from the closet, in November or December or January or February, a set of sheets -- or a nightgown -- that's been dried on the line.  You can still smell it!  The freshness, the sunshine, the blue skies and puffy clouds and grass and flowers and bugs and SUMMER.

Working long days as I do, I don't hang laundry on the line quite as much as I used to, or as I'd like -- sometimes the weather and my day off do not cooperate for such activity.  Sometimes I don't get started 'til late.  I do it when I can, though.  I could never live in a neighborhood that had a covenant prohibiting clotheslines.

I often think of something Mom always told me about her mother...  that Grandma was always the last one in the neighborhood to get her laundry on the line each day, but it was always the whitest!  (This is the grandma who included scrubbing down of rafters in the attic as a normal part of her spring cleaning routine.  Yeah.  I doubt she would approve of the "Tsk, Tsk" that one of my lovely daughters scrawled into the dust on the vanity in my bedroom... a couple of weeks ago... it's still there.  If you look back, you'll see that D was Definitely not for Dusting.)



L is also for LOVE and I LOVE YOU VICKI!!!! Awesome way to start the day! THANK YOU!


What a great L! I love the smell, too, although I wait till hay fever season is over to hang clothes on the line. Your gran wouldn't approve of my cleaning methods (or lack thereof) either.


I love your sheets!!! And I am one of those who also can't hang sheets outside because of allergies. But I do tuck in lavender in between the sheets after tehy are dried for that smell.

And your gran also would like my cleaning methods as well. Clean the rafters??? I don't think so


I love hanging out the laundry as well but I admit I only do it when it is too hot to put the dryer on, my line is too small. I used to have a long line attached to a tree limb but it was cut down.
What is this "cleaning the rafters" you speak of?


Lovely. When you live in suburbia, did you know that some neighborhoods have restrictive covenants which prohibit you from hanging your laundry out to dry? How sad is that...


I just had my husband get clothesline! I really miss hanging out the wash. I miss the smell, I miss the stiffy, clean crinkle, I miss hurrying to fold it all ouside before the rain comes. I miss fresh sheets and fresh pajamas on the same summer night


When the weather permits I live with the windows wide open...therefore my house is never dust free. The smell of fresh sheets brings back my childhood. I should hang a clothes line on my patio.


I have a clothes line, too, and I love it. Like you, I don't get to use it all the time but my favorite thing in the world is sheets dryed outside in the sunshine. Oh, that smell.


Oh, I almost never hang laundry outside any more. But I do hang fine washables inside. Does that count?


This is totally off topic but can you tell me where you found your copy of the "Unusual Toys for you to Knit and Enjoy"? I've searched everywhere for it and can't even find it in used books. Thanks for any info. you can give me. My daughter is in love with the little egg shaped fella that you knitted.


I see you are the same special kind of knucklehead that I am ---- someone who puts their clothesline right under a bird house! (although I've only had one direct hit in all these years...)


You are reminding me of my mom - she still hangs up her laundry and I vividly remember getting into bed at night on dried outside sheets; they smell so lovely! In the winter she hangs in the basement and now that both my parents are older, my dad carries the laundry downstairs or outside for her. Great post Vicki!

Steph VW

How appropriate that I read your post while waiting for the washer to finish? I'm washing placemats, vintage napkins, bread basket cloths, and whatever else has been in boxes for the past 5 years. I've finally got a cabinet in which to put my good dishes and linens. I'm so excited. I will not, however, use this energy to wipe down the rafters in the attic.

I'm also thrilled to see that you have the same Snoopy pillowcase that we had at home. I think the sheet set belonged to my brother, but occasionally I used them on my bed. Hmmmm... I wonder if those sheets are still around.

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