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Dsc07541Ask and you shall receive.

Saturday20skyHad I taken a picture earlier today, say, when I was knitting in Central Park, it would have been cloudy gray -- fairly bright, but still gray, with a distinct feeling that rain might not be far off.  We did have a little sprinkle in the late morning -- barely enough to wet the walkway outside the back door -- and then it got mostly blue and the sun came out.  When I went out to take my Saturday Sky picture, though, I was quite surprised.  I thought, "Northern Lights?  But it's daytime... and this is south...  Oh!  It might be a rainbow-ish thing.  Ooooo, pretty!"  Isn't it?  Like a cloudy, wispy rainbow!


Dsc07526 Dsc07537 Dsc07538



I was reading and thinking, whaa? Central Park? Then I got it. hee!


Your sky is beautiful! And special with that streak of color! Ours has stopped raining for now and I am headed out for a walk. Must. Be. Healthy. Now.
Thanks for joining in!


love a guy in a tool belt!


The sky is beautiful, and so is the construction. Is this to store more yarn?

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