Summer days

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Last Sunday, after the Father's Day festivities at my brother's, my sister and I stopped at Grandma's old house.  I had taken pictures there last year, but lost them in a computer malfunction.  The house was built in the 1860s and is to die for...

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That curvy part makes me plotz.  It's just as beautiful on the inside, too.  That's where the library table always was, flanked by two oak barrister bookcases that belonged to Grandma's dad.  Grandpa kept a tin the library table drawer where he'd put all his winnings from bowling.  I don't know exactly how the winnings were acquired, and I never cared, I just wanted to sort and count and roll up all that change every time we visited!  I'd usually get a quarter or half-dollar for my trouble.

Dsc07495The house is for sale and has been for a year; as with many historical homes, it requires mucho upgrades (how about just a little bit of insulation, hm?) and mega upkeep, and it's in a sleepy bedroom community.  Oh, but that porch... it's not that crooked in real life.  ; )

Oh, these summer days!  I don't understand why, on the longest days of the year, I keep running short of time -- WAY short!  I did manage to clear quite a bit of the crap from the doomed built-in and I took some before pictures for y'all, too!  Katie got me out for a walk, and then I worked a little bit more before totally crapping out.  We're talking in bed before 10:00 -- and not for the first time this week!

I have concluded that my recent, amazing burst of energy is related to my new menstrual cycle, which seems to be one period for every two months, and which I don't really mind so much, I guess, a gradual fade...  Back in the old days, I'd get a head of steam like this the week before and then totally swing the other way -- not a single drop of energy for anything (probably iron deficient) -- this is different.

So, all this to say that I went bed early.  ; )  Tonight, hubby and I are going to see A Prairie Home Companion -- honestly, even if Meryl & Lily weren't playing Yolanda & Rhonda (from Oshkosh, no less), we'd have to see it!  Tomorrow, deconstruction begins and I hope we get the move on!

UPDATE:  Dammit, I forgot...  please pray for NO RAIN on CARA's SPIN PARADE tomorrow!  Good luck, sweetheart, you guys will have fun NO MATTER WHAT, I just know it.


Mary in Boston

What a lovely old home. I love old houses and big front porches and sleep little towns.

Have fun at the movies. I'm looking forward to seeing that one as well.


I love those house pictures - the angles and close ups are so neat. Thanks for showing them, Vicki
Have fun at the movie - I want a full review, please!


We are house hunting. What are the chances of moving that lovely old house above the 49th parallel? That's a lot of hydro poles to take down, for sure.


Great photos of the house. Old houses have so much charater.
I have all my fingers, toes and everything else I can, crossed for no rain in NYC. The grrls will make their own fun regardless!!


That's such a lovely house. I have a soft spot for beautiful old homes.

I really enjoyed Prairie Home Companion. It makes me miss Minnesota so much and I just loved the way Meryl Streep would say "Oh" in the movie.


omg. that house is stunning. enjoy the movie. we saw garfield today--avoiding the contractors--and it stunk.


Wow, I love the house - where is it? How much? Not that I could talk DH into leaving our 1852 house in California...

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