Musing on weekends in June

Wednesdays are for randomness

--Is it going to rain today or not?  I'd like to hang laundry on the line but the weather's changing every five minutes.  I finally got those three laundry baskets of clean clothes that have been in the way folded or straightened out this morning, though.

--Katie starts her new job today.  She had orientation on Monday and came home nearly ecstatic.  She loves the whole "feel" of the job and her employer -- they're very employee-centered and positive, rather than "don't, don't, no, no, no."  Makes such a difference.  I drove her there, but her bike was in the back and she's biking home if the weather cooperates.  Eventually, she'd like to bike both ways -- seven miles one-way.

Dsc07329_1--When we went up north last year, we'd frequented a consignment shop in a nearby town a couple of times -- Red Barn Farm had fiber in the shop and I bought a few things for myself, a secret pal, and Katie.  We sadly discovered last weekend that the shop is no longer in business.  A charitable thrift store caught our eye, though, and I found a carafe to replace the one that Dad had broken (turned out it was just a hair too tall -- why do they have to make 14,000 different styles of freakin' coffee pot carafes?).  I moseyed over to the book area, you know, always on the lookout for the copy of Aran Knitting that I know will fall into my lap someday, and I spotted an Interweave Crochet magazine in a rack.  I thought, hopefully, "Wow, this is pretty classy."  I rifled through the mags around it and there were some other, mostly ickier crochet publications and I moved down the rack where I found a motherlode of Interweave Knits back issues -- from Fall '97 to almost present.  Someone keeps those magazines very well organized!  They were not subscription copies, and all were in very good condition.  I made a pile of all the ones I don't have, wondering how much they'd be -- we'd never been to this shop before and, if you thrift at all, you know that there are thrifty thrift stores and not-so-thrifty thrift stores.  I was fully prepared to pay 50 cents a piece for these, even a dollar, perhaps even a certain percentage of the cover price...  I could barely contain my glee when she said fifteen cents each.  While I did not find my copy of Aran Knitting, I take it as a good omen that the earliest back issue, that Fall of '97 one, has a cover story on Alice Starmore and "the book."

--I have yet to find the perfect "K" picture!

--Michael passed his road test!  He never actually had his license taken away, but he'd have been in big trouble if he'd been driving and involved in an accident without having been re-tested after the head trauma.  He's still uncertain about when he might go back to work.  To look at him, he looks fine, but things still aren't right inside.  He said that he changed the oil in his truck the other day and got the job done, but almost couldn't get up off the floor!

--There are flowers on my tomato plants.  ; )

--I was down another 1.4 at WW last night.  Katie has had me walking a couple of times in the last week, a couple of miles each time, plus I had a nice walk in the woods last weekend. Woo.

--I did not knit a single stitch yesterday!  Very unusual.

--Did you see Gretchen's comment yesterday?  My sister told me about her...  Sharon sells her wares every week at Madison's Farmer's Market.  Gretchen had seen Sharon's stuff on my blog and then found her at the market!  Oh, this blog works in mysterious ways...

--And Cathy told me about The Big House, which I've already placed on hold through my online library connection.  Man, I love the internet...



congrats on the WW news! I lost 1/2 yesterday - which makes up for last week.

and an even bigger congrats on the magazine haul! maybe it's a good thing we don't live close by - we'd end up in fist fights in the thrift shops!

well, maybe not fist fights exactly ......


Well aren't you all bright and cheery today! It's been raining here since I woke up and I'm having a fairly miserable day (although my new oven is FAB!) and it was nice to see someone in a good mood! Congrats on the magazine haul!


Awesome on the magazines! My tomato plants are floating at the moment. :-(


I have supreme faith that Aran Knitting will fall into your lap some day.


Score on the IKs! Good for you! Keep on putting out that Alice Starmore vibe, and one will come to you. Great job on the WW and walking too.


Random, yes, but lots of good stuff here! Man, IK has come a long way in their cover design, and I'm sure throughout the magazine. Good job on the WW and walking. And that Summer Homes book is a great find.

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