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It was so cold here this morning, I could have worn socks and a sweater.  I believed the weatherman when he said the sun would come out and it'll warm up (it is).

Kersh_1I'd left the ball winder and swift set up on Saturday night, so yesterday morning I made a nice yarn cake out of that Blue Heron Cotton Seed.  I came up with scraps of this and that to use with it -- some green cotton, some blue wool, maybe some of the Blossom (either or both colors) and some of the chenille -- and, mostly, the yarn from this shawl which I completed last September.  I wore it several times last winter -- many times, actually -- but it never sat quite as nicely about the shoulders as the Simply Garter Shapely Shawlette.  I tried it on one last time yesterday and then, without batting an eye, I frogged it.  The color, "Pansy," is perfect with the "Summer Meadow."  As it turns out, I have plenty of yarn more suitable for shawls of this type and if this yarn can be put to better use, so be it.



How smart of you to redo something you won't wear. It's goin to be so hot here this week. We could use some of your chill!


Now that's what I call BRAVE.


So be it...that was really pretty but I am sure it will be reinvented into something even lovelier!!


what project do you have planned?


Gorgeous! We had that weather yesterday - I had to wear socks......(or I got to wear socks)!


I'm so jealous! It's over 90 here today! The color of the shawl is Gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you make!

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