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By the numbers

Apparently, we have a two-timing cat -- Roxie again.  DH just called me to let me know she was at the back door this morning -- looking healthy -- after have been absent again for several days, just like two weeks ago.

DH had two cats when I met him -- they were kittens, they were sisters, they were black, they were named Daisy and Cutie.  They allowed us to feed them for 20 years and pretend that they were ours -- minus a few months each when they'd take off here and there to sow their wild oats, or whatever.  They were with us through the births of all three children and stuck with us through several moves -- one of them half-way across the country.  It's been several years since they died and we still miss them.  We always will, of course.

We were without a pet for a short time, but it wasn't long before DH and the girls "went to look" at a cat.  Famous last words, those; "We're only going to look."  Naturally, they came home with a cat -- a fluffy, orange cat that Katie dubbed "Cleo" -- she had the biggest, poofiest tail ever -- and she was both sweet and adorable.  We had her for a relatively short time, given the record of her predecessors; only a couple of years and she is the only cat we lost due to anything other than natural causes.  It was very sad and traumatic.  We still miss her, too.

Enter Scamp... or Roxie... I don't remember anymore which came first.  They, too, are littermates, but Scamp is a boy and Roxie is a girl.  We were only going to have one, you know, but they were from a litter of Maddy's best friend's cat and when there was a straggler from the litter -- that Maddy saw every freakin' day -- well, then there were two.  I think it was only a week between bringing home kitten #1 and kitten #2, but from the way they behaved, you'd have thought they'd never seen each other before, much less be related.

It was the fireworks between Scamp & Roxie that made me really hesitant about introducing a dog -- our first -- we resisted Maddy's pleas for many years.  For a beagle, Mickey is amazingly mellow and easy-going, though Scamp intimidates her to this day.  Scamp decides, in that transparent, nonchalant, "I'm just minding my own business -- what?" way that cats do, that the middle of the doorway between the kitchen and living room is the best place for a little lie-down -- knowing full well that Mickey will not pass.  All-in-all, it was and has been a piece of cake.

I thought we'd pay the price, then, when Duncan was introduced -- a second male.  We'd never had three cats before, never mind a dog, too!  Turns out, Mickey & Duncan were practically best friends from the start; Roxie had a harder time with Duncan than Scamp; and while Scamp & Duncan scuffle on a regular basis, it reminds me a lot of Mufasa and Simba in The Lion King.

I didn't really mean to write the history of our pets -- I didn't mention the various fish and rodents, so it's not even complete -- but the phone call about Roxie prompted that.  I've been anxious and worried about her.  When DH and the kids asked what I was worried about, I said that I was worried that she missed us.  ; )  She is experienced in the ways of the world and we couldn't be better situated in terms of romping and stomping, but I do worry about them being trapped in someone's shed or basement or garage.  I think that is what happened when Duncan went missing a while back -- he was skin and bone when he returned, obviously cut off from any food source.

Dsc07363_2More on the weekend's numbers, along with a random pic of two girls and one of many decorated cows from our trip to Madison last month.  This cow was decorated with maps and I found an area where I once lived.  I got a lot done this weekend, the highlights:

Dsc07362One very large "work" table removed from the playroom (though no one has played there in years, it will forever be "the playroom").

Two original Skydancers and their launchers found (the four pieces were not all found in the same place).

Hundreds -- no thousands -- no millions -- of Legos unearthed, including Ali's train.  ; )

Six baby balloon flowers discovered!  There's the original, growing cluster of balloon flowers that I've had for a few years now, and yesterday I discovered tiny little babies -- I counted at least six small, single stems, each with a balloon bud at the top.  Adorable!

One daughter, the last, signed up for driver's ed.  Whoa, Nelly!

Countless stitches tinked, ripped, frogged, counted, re-knit, counted, tinked, frogged, counted, re-knit, tinked... sensing a pattern?  I am no further this morning than I was at the beginning of the weekend.  I nearly tossed the Victorian Shoulderette aside in favor of something else, but there's nothing on the needles that I favor more at the moment.  Must.concentrate.



Concentrate? Is that possible for anyone in the summer? Oh, you mean like "re"concentrated juice or something... :-)


Awesomely cool cow!


I'm glad you kitty is ok :)


Today must be the day for it: Margene said to me, "You DO go on!" and now I'm going to say it to you. Pass it on. Hee.


Patterns can be frustrating when we don't get them. I'm hesitating now on buying this. If you're having trouble I'm not sure I want to go near it!


Concentration is not in my vocabulary right now. At least not knitting concentration. I have several projects set aside because they require too much concentration.

PS - The stories about the kitties are nice to hear. Please, go on and on.


omg, you sure have been busy...good luck figureing out the pattern...or skipping it.


I loved the saga of the kitties, plus one dog! Sounds like you are making steady progress with the shoulderette - how about a picture?


We had a "dining room", which was just really a kitchen table in the next room, not a real dining room persay. We recently moved the table into the kitchen leaving an empty room quickly taken up by Derek's computer and stuff and lots of yarn but we can't stop calling it the DINING ROOM.
I loved your pet story. I'm glad that Roxie is safe and sound. The least she could have done was call.


nothing better than a pet story, or stories!


There were pets in that post?

Mary in Boston

Hey! We have those cows here in Boston, too! Fundraiser campaign for the Jimmy Fund.

Loved the catalogue about the pets. We've had similar issues with ours over the years. Our youngest cat really does miss our dog. Not that I'm contemplating getting another dog, just for the cat. I would never do that.



I was just in Madison too! See:

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