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Dsc07821Last month, I came home from a trip up north with an amazing haul of Interweave Knits back issues -- about a dozen issues dating from 1997.  I duplicated only one issue in my "collection" (it is now a collection) and I'd like to give it away.  Please be aware that it was a thrift store purchase and I know not where it came from originally; also, I don't smoke anymore, but I do have three cats and a dog, so there's a chance that there's a hair on it or in it somewhere.  You can see from the photo that there is a crease on the cover; otherwise, the magazine is in excellent condition and even still has all those annoying subscription cards (though they do make good bookmarks and that's what I used them for in my first copy).

Dsc07826If you only read magazines like this for the articles, then you'd be interested to know that the subject matter includes "Exploring Argyles" by Nancy Marchant (there is an accompanying argyle pullover pattern)' "Understanding Yarn: Singles, Plied Yarns, and Cabled Yarns" in the "Beyond the Basics" section; and "Crazy for Cuffs" was the staff project.  Among the staff then were Ann Budd, Melanie Falick, and Leigh Radford.

Patterns include (pictured) Retro Prep Cardigan & Pullover by Maggie Shepherd, Sleek Cabled Raglan by Shirley Paden, Curry Cabled Cardigan by Cathy Payson, and Olympic Pullover by Kathy Zimmerman.

Dsc07822_1 Dsc07823_1 

Dsc07824 Dsc07825

Not pictured:  HoJo Pullover, Box-Pleat Dress or Coat, Chrysalis Pullover, Cropped Tweedy Pullover, Funky Family Fair Isle, Peace and Love Pullovers, Tuscan Hills, Loopy Accessories, and Folk Art Rug -- and more -- by designers such as Fiona Ellis, Melissa Leapman, Fayla Reiss, Kristin Nicholas, Norah Gaughan and, of course, more.

Leave a comment if you're interested.  I have no idea, but if there's a whole bunch clamoring for this one issue, I'll employ a Random Number Generator, so let's say, let me know by end of business tomorrow (Monday).  Perhaps there will be room in the package for a little surprise.  ; )

I was pretty sure that this haul would have rounded out my "collection" nicely, leaving few holes.  In reality, I'm missing over a dozen issues!  I don't remember exactly when I subscribed -- must have been late '03 or early '04, since I have them all from that point -- but I'd make random newsstand purchases before then.  For the record, I'm missing all of 1996; Spring, Summer and Winter of 1997; Spring of 1998; Summer, Fall and Winter of 2000; Spring and Summer of 2001; and Summer of 2003.

It's hard not to feel blah-zay about the blog and everything else when it's 99 degrees in the shade, isn't it?  Mack's coming today, that'll be a good perk-me-up!



i'm also trying to round out my IK collection. one of my LYSs has a decent backstock of issues. next time i'm there i'll check to see if they have any of the ones you mentioned.


I'd love to have some of those older Interweave's, I have bought every one since I started knitting(about 2 1/2 years). It seems like the issues just before I started getting them had lots of great patterns. I really like the Curry Cabled Cardigan.


That issue is one of the best ever. I've made two of the sweaters you photographed and have yarn for another. I have some of the issues you're looking for but only one copy. Let me know if you ever need to borrow them.


I usually don't go around asking for things but I've been looking for this issue forever! I'm definitely interested.


I'm definitely interested, too! I wish I could supplement with the ones you're missing, but I didn't get in to knitting until 2004... and the earliest issue I have is from fall of that year. :)

We can relate about the heat... 99 degrees here! *sweat*


That's one of my favorite issues! Don't need it, but someone will be lucky to snag it.


I'd like to be considered for it Vicki. Thanks! :)


At first I wasn't interested but then I saw that Retro Prep cardigan. Now I'd love to have it. I have a serious thing for cardigans...


The issue looks fabulous. I love the Olympic Pullover. I would like to be considered for it too.


Vicki, I have Summer 97 & Spring 98 and don't see a thing in it that I want to make - 97 has a little dog earing on the bottom right, and they have a slight basementy smell, but there yours if you want them.


OOh, I'd love that issue too. Throw me in the hat for that one!


Hi Vicki-I'm always up for back IKs! An article about yarn construction especially appeals. How great that you have such a good collection - wonderful resources.


I'd like my number to be put in too, please.


I love that Sleek Cabled Raglan pattern, I'd love to be considered, it's something I could wear to work. (Not this week, it's hot and humid here in the Twin Cities!)


Count me in the number who would be interested in this issue.


looks like you'll need to use the number generator! I love that issue - D#2 is working on the fingerless mitts on the cover.

have fun with your little diaper-wearing boyfriend this weekend! (now that we are nearing a "certain" age, I suppose I shouldn't toss around terms like diaper-wearing so casually.

You realize of course that I am talking about Mack and not some incontinent dream boat.


I'm interested! Thanks! =)


What the heck -- I'll throw my name in too!


I'm interested - I pick up back issues whenever I see them, but that's one I've definitely not seen yet.


Me, too! Love those cables!


Hope you had a great visit with Mack, its hot here too.

Jenn Umali

Generate me a numer please--I'd love to have this issue.

The Chickengoddess

Count me in!


Oh how generous, please consider me for the IK giveaway.

Erin B

I am very interested especially the cuffs. The ornate ones make wonderful bracelets!


Retro Prep! Always wondered where that pattern was. If you're going random, please put me in the hat (so to speak) ~


I do not have this issue - so I'm interested. There is almost always something of value in these older issues, even if the styles aren't current. I love going through my older ones to discover things I passed on in a previous mindset.


Wow, that camel coloured cardi, looks like exactly what I am looking for. Maybe I will win it in the random generator draw!!
thanks for a great blog, read it all the time.


I have one single solitary issue of IK... a mate for it might be nice! ;) Count me in!


Throw me in the hat please!


I would be interested, also...I started knitting about 3 years ago, so I only have Interweave Knits from about 2003 & newer.


Pick me! Either way, I enjoy your blog :-)


Those patterns look so nice. Count me in :)


ooh ooh! My friend has been looking for an argyle pattern. She would love this!


Thanks for your generous offer. Just starting my collection of Interweave Knits and would love to be included in the draw.

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