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Saturday20sky_2Dsc07808_1Today's installment of Saturday Sky is another cherry tomato sky -- this time, there's actually fruit on the vine!  One of my big plants -- the Better Boy, I think -- has already had one branch give way under weight of the fruit.  So far, I've been able to keep it supported.

We'll be heading to the market soon and should be seeing the season's first corn!  I think that's what we'll have for supper tonight along with left-over salmon (I like it cold) from last night.  I've been cooking salmon in our George Foreman-style grill; I don't have to use any added oil and I love how it turns out.  It's going to be HOT today -- seems like it's going to be hot almost everywhere today.

Dsc07817 Dsc07818

Dsc07814With camera in-hand for the Saturday Sky picture, I walked around to the front of the house.  There are three pink hydrangeas in the front garden, but only two are doing anything this year.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I love that green with only a tinge of pink -- so light and fresh; I wish I could wear green!  Another thrill in that garden -- back for the third year in a row (or maybe even fourth!)  is the balloon flower -- there are about a half-dozen flowers in bloom right now and many, many "balloon" buds.  This is one of those plants that makes me shake my head in wonder every single year.

I completely finished Robot last night and, as predicted, Maddy was thrilled.  He really is adorable.



Your sky is lovely. And just the thought of cherry tomatoes makes my mouth water. As does the GF salmon! YUM! :)
Your flowers are quite beautiful.
Hot here. Ick.


Vicki, you have such beautiful surroundings - and it all seems so peaceful. Lovely, just lovely.


Such beautiful pictures!! Thanks again for posting the button!!


The heat sure does make for glorious hydrangeas and yummy tomatoes. Great photos!

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