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Knit at Nightie

Dsc07252I'm wearing the nightgown at right today (really, it's a sleep-shirt, just a super-long, knit t-shirt) in celebration of an impromptu Pajama Day today!

Oh my goodness, now that I look at it, I must have had subconscious inspiration from Celia's PJ Day banner for my "N" post.  I have loved that banner forever and it always makes me smile! I didn't put two-and-two together 'til just now.

Being in my PJs, at least for a good portion of the day, will force me to stay here and focus.  I was not so good at the focus yesterday, easily distracted and swayed by those around me, not to mention washing and trimming berries, washing and trimming beans, blanching the beans and freezing a good portion of them, and various other domestic activities which did not include (but should have) laundry.

In the guise of weeding out the stash in readiness for my sister's big rummage sale (coming right up at the end of the month), I not only looked at my entire stash yesterday, I photographed it, too -- I did, at least, do THAT.  I even had to take a break to recharge the camera battery and recommence.  From an organizational standpoint, I wanted to attach a purpose (if not a project) to each and every ball of yarn I've got in stash -- and if I could not attach a purpose and/or project, it was supposedly ripe for the getting rid of.  I did not intend to attach NEW purpose or find NEW projects...

Dsc07736 Dsc07761

The yarn on the left is Cotton Seed by Blue Heron Yarns, 450 yards in a color called "Summer Meadow."  I admired it every time I went into a local shop, but didn't know what I'd do with it and it was too expensive to just have as a pet.  When that local shop closed their doors and had a 50% off sale, though, well, "Hello pet."  Upon googling a certain combination of pertinent words, I found myself visiting the site of Jane Thornley where I immediately fell in love with all of these vests.  I must admit that I have begun a little journey down the Road to Indigo which, at the moment, has nothing to do with the Blue Heron Cotton Seed, but everything to do with this:

Dsc07711 Dsc07705

This Hemp Yarn has been at the forefront of my brain for a long time.  It was a pal gift nearly a year ago from Jessica*.  When I mentioned knitting a market bag a few weeks ago, this was what I considered using.  Thank goodness I forgot it, though, because I really don't want to knit something like that out of this yarn -- I want something that I can wear!  My first reaction was to use the Cotton Seed and the Hemp Yarn for the vest, but the colors just aren't right.  Instead, I dove in and found this Classic Elite Imagine -- an impulse purchase at a shop around the corner from Katie's dorm at UW-SP (seems like ages ago already) originally intended for a shawl -- and it looks wonderful with the Hemp Yarn!  I need at least one or two other yarns to go along, though, and haven't quite come up with a combo from stash -- yet.

Dsc07741Meanwhile, that bit of chenille on the right would go well with the Cotton Seed, don't you think?  Oh, maybe even with the Hemp & Imagine...  And those two on the left might do well as accompaniment to the 400 yards of Great Adirondack Yarns "Cyclone" pictured at left.  And I have all that Noro Blossom...

When I pried the lids off the yarn bins yesterday, I was actually opening fresh, new, BIG cans of worms.

*Oh, do go visit Jessica to see the Interweave Knits Fall PreviewWow!  That's all I can say... except, also, that I can't wait for it to arrive in my mailbox.  ; )



Oh, that Blue Heron yarn is gorgeous. I'm not usually a big fan of their colorways, but that one is by far the most beautiful one I've seen -- good job waiting for the right moment to scoop that up. I can't wait to see what you make with it.


Oh, I noticed the similarity right away and was flattered you chose to show off your nighties that way. The banner is only a smattering of my pjs. The pj drawer isn't big enough any more.
I love to go through the stash periodically, because I forget what I've got. I love "found" yarn. Makes me feel like I'm getting away with something - even though I know I paid for it, it still feels like I'm getting it for free!


nice pj's!! good to see your representing my city!

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