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Dsc07657I'm a little robot, short and stout...

I've been thinking "Robot" but my mind's eye has been seeing "Squarey."  There's a big difference in their sizes, so I was a little surprised at how small this guy is!  This is by request from Maddy.  I started the sewing up last night -- holy cow, there's a lot of that!  The sides of the body, one side of the head, one leg, and one shoulder are done; I've also placed the eyes and embroidered the mouth.  And... I've knit my first-ever I-cord, two inches of it, for the antenna.

The I-cord made me think of Fibonacci -- not that I haven't been thinking of it (it's on my mind constantly) -- because I-cord is an option for a couple things, really... applied as an edging, possibly with gaps for buttonholes, or used to make a frog-type closure and button... it also made me ask DH about the household supply of drills and hooks because I still want to experiment a little with a twisted cord option, possibly with multiple colors...  Hmmm, can I-cord be knit with more than one color?

Dsc07237I've also been thinking about Trellis.  I have some seaming yet to do on that... didn't quite make it for Mack's birthday (but believe me, he didn't suffer in the birthday present department), so it'll be a Happy Late-Summer or Autumn present.  It ought to still fit him and I believe I have enough yarn that I can make a matching hat of some sort.  He definitely wears hats!

I'm still working on that second Trekking sock, and thinking about starting something new -- from stash -- maybe.  I have no business thinking about something new or buying yarn -- it's just an avoidance technique (see all of the above and then some).  What I really need is a kick in the pants.

At right, the aerial view of the back garden mentioned yesterday.

Katie got the job!  She gave notice at the grocery store last week already.  She'll be working at a very well known, international, almost synonymous with "coffee" coffee shop that's opening another location in our area -- that just happens to be about a half-mile from where I work!  I'll probably have to stop on occasion for a morning brewski from my other barrista daughter.  (The first one rarely works in the morning and, even if she does, I'm out the door much earlier than she is, anyway.)

Speaking of barristas, Ali is on her way to ...Almost heaven, West Virginia... this afternoon with two friends to visit another friend who is doing a theater internship.  A road trip!!  (Oh, that sounds like fun.)  They'll be seeing lots of theater this weekend!

Maddy has an adorable new hairstyle and color!  Ali cut it last night.  Maddy's not crazy about the color, but I, of course, love it, which means that she'll soon be changing it.

Of course.



Let me get this straight...you knit a robot? I-cord in one color will be easier to apply than twisted cord. I-cord you can knit on as you go (many felted bag patterns can tell you how) but Twisted cord would have to be one loooong strand and then what do you do with the ends?


One must remember, when one is the mother of daughters, that one must contain one's enthusiasm for clothing, hairstyles and anything else reflecting the daughter's taste.

Mary in Boston

Ah, thank goodness for international coffee shop chains. My daughter is also a barrista and I will say that the company she works for seems to treat their employees pretty well. Great benefits and she gets paid pretty good.

I think you were very brave to venture out on that roof to take photos for us, your fans. I'm getting dizzy now, just looking at the garden photo.

lynne s of Oz

The ends! The ends! ok, they can be used to sew up the robot (which is very cute) but the ends!
Goodness you have many many nighties!


Yay West Virginia! I don't suppose they are going to West Virginia Public theater? I worked there a few years ago, it's in the town I grew up in. Tell Ali to have a good time!


The robot is going to be so cool! I love the overhead view of your garden, which looks to be doing quite well. Have a great weekend.

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