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These feet were made for walkin' and pretty soon, that's just what they're gonna do!  We spent a good part of yesterday at the mall, escaping the heat -- there was plenty to keep my nephew busy, thereby keeping us (his mom, me, and our mom) busy, and one of his favorites was this arrangement of two empty clothing racks.  He really liked negotiating between the vertical poles, and must have liked the feel of the cool metal on his bare feet.  He's awfully close to walking, but he gets around just fine using the butt-scoot method, too, which allows him to keep both hands free; there he goes!

Dsc07902On Sunday afternoon, we checked out the recently renovated children's museum -- here we are checking out the duck-under kaleidoscope.  We're already talking annual passes for Mack and Nana -- there's plenty there to keep the little guy occupied for a few years.

Thank goodness for the cooler weather that came in overnight.  I was up at 2:00 a.m. (!), being among the first to wish Norma a happy birthday (go on... you can, too), and I turned off the A/C and fans and threw open the windows!  Please, please, please let the reasonable weather prevail for a bit and, even more, I hope that the night of insomnia was just one of those flukey, extremely rare ones for me.

I had Julia's number -- the Knitting Naturalist at Yarnmaven was the random pic for the extra back issue of IK; it'll be in the mail this week!  That's just the impetus I need to get a few other overdue packages in the mail, too.  It was nice to hear from so many people -- so many NEW-to-me people.  I haven't had a chance to get around yet, but I will, and I'll definitely do this again sometime, if I can!  Jody's doin' it with a different issue -- let her know by the end of the day, if it's one you might want/need!

Ann and my sister and I are Sweet Sixteen this week...  16 months smoke-free!  That's 9,744 (and counting) cigarettes NOT smoked, over $1,700.00 saved, and nearly 2-1/2 months of my lifetime saved.  Who's better than us today?  One thing I've done with some of the money "saved" this year is to give it away more frequently than I used to -- I'm feeling a little deja vu with today's tsunami news.



I am sick of the heat, too, over here on the other side of the country. The only productive outdoor time is bet. 5 - 8 in the morning! What VERY cute baby photos. I am so proud of you and your sis for hanging in there; take good care of your health as it IS possible to rejuvenate your lungs!


Is Mack walking yet or just about there? Ambrynn's not quite there yet but I feel like it will be any day now.
Good for you on the 16 months! Keep up the great work!


Woohooo!!! You, your sis, Ann and Norma are all great reasons to celebratet the day...if we had the energy to do so in this heat!


And, think about all your lovely sweaters that now do not smell like cigarette smoke. Good for you!

Those are the cutest little feet I ever did see! So pudgy and teeny - hard to imagine them supporting his weight!


Good going, grrls! Looks like you had a great time at the children's museum, too. Nice way to celebrate.


Vicki, congratulations on your 18 month "smoke free zone." I am so SO proud of you. I can't even imagine how challenging that is/was - but you've certainly done something to be proud of. I know your body is grateful for it. What do you attribute your success to? What's helped?


Congrats on your smoke-free anniversary! That is something of which you can be VERY proud.


Oh my goodness what cute little feet! Congrats on your no smoking anniversary!


I am so glad you remembered that we are Sweet 16 this week --- it got by me completely! yay for us!


You are such a good auntie. And he is just so cute!!

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