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Saturday night's all right

Dsc07944 Dsc07947 Dsc07948

The first two were taken early this afternoon; the last one was this evening from the grocery store parking lot.  The sky was pretty dramatic all day with storms all around.  I saw a few raindrops, but that's all.

I've been working on the Victorian Shoulderette -- tinking, then ripping, then getting it back on the needles, knitting a row, I think.  I'll be tinking some more; hopefully not ripping.  My stitch count is off and I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow for my eyes to uncross.



Dramatic is a good word!

anne (subversive suburban)

Oh, oh, tinking and ripping, frogging and squinting. That's what I was doing last night, too. Turns out "slip marker" doesn't mean "move the marker to whatever freakin' place looks most likely." So that's why my stitch counts were off!

Better luck to you today,



Very cool skies - i especialy like the last one.


Love you sky...we need rain. Good luck with the tinking and knitting forward.


We've had storms all over the place too. A dramatic sunset, but I was too lazy to get the camera.

Sorry about the tinking. Hope it goes better today. L, C


Beautiful days progression of a sky.
I feel your pain on the tink/reknit syndrome.
Oh, and thanks a bunch for planting the song. :) I suppose it could have been worse. I at least love Elton John!


Wonderful clouds floating by.

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