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Dsc07951 Dsc07950 Dsc07949t

These were taken in panoramic fashion at around 4:45 yesterday, though the last was actually the first and the camera settings obviously different.  This is a big storm that traveled S/SE across the state.

Dsc07952 Dsc07953 Dsc07954

These were about 15 minutes later as I walked to my car.  Cool, huh?

I tinked and re-knitted and counted and tinked and over and over and back and forth with the little shoulder shawl last night and I didn't get anywhere.  Perhaps I just don't have the mind for it right now.  (Ya think?)  My stitch count is just not coming out right from row to row -- only one or two off, usually.  It's entirely possible that it has less to do with the knitting and more to do with the counting.  I'm tired, I'm stressed from this thing or that thing (or both those things and then some other things), and there's just a lot going on; I've been busier at work lately, too (that's a good thing, really).  From the comments, it's obvious that I'm not alone and concentration is in short supply everywhere.  I'll take the hints about putting it away for now -- it will definitely come out to play again when other demands are less.  (Please, let me live the dream.)  I will need something a LOT more mindless to take to my sister's.



Dish cloths, baby. Knit some dish cloths.


Could there be an error in the pattern?


Well, you knew I would come over here and gush about those storm clouds, didn't you? Aren't clouds the best?(ANd weren't you the one who sent me that wonderful link about the cloud society? I probably did not properly thank you, I'm that much of a selfish witch lately) :)
Just GORGEOUS! Thank you for looking up and sharing it with us.
Lace. I spit on you. I hate it THAT Much. It is so concentration intensive. I can't do it lately.


I screwed up what is destined to be a felted potholder while camping - After making 3 glaring errors (which I've no idea what the heck I did) I put it away to remove the stress.
I hope when you find your skills of concentration and counting you'll see mine and send them home ;)


Cool storm clouds! I love me a good storm. Oh and I absolutely cannot do knitting with counting (i.e. lace) when I am tired - I have proved it time after time after time. You'd think I'd learn.


When life is hectic keep the knitting simple.


Log cabin baby. Log cabin.

Cool pics. I love me a good storm.


What a glorious sky! I wish winter was here. Never fear, the right time for the project will come.


I spit on the lace with Sandy. Just no desire whatSOever to do it.


Excellent storm photos.. I can almost feel it rolling over.

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