Sunshine Saturday Sky Addendum



This installment of Saturday Sky is mostly leafy -- with geraniums.  I'd just watered the geranium and the tomato nearby (I keep forgetting about that darn thing) and the light through the trees was so pretty.  The sky this morning is clear and pale, pale blue; I think it's going to get hot and probably a little muggy.  I'm off early to the farmer's market.  Katie has to work at 10, so we're going early and we'll go out for breakfast, too.  I haven't done that in ages.  I am currently being fortified for the morning's activities by a mighty strong pot of coffee -- I wonder if I miscounted.

Happy day.



I have been a tad absent from blogland these past few days ---- love your garden picture and your sky! hope you have a good day ....

ps. is there such a thing as too strong coffee?


Beautiful, peaceful sky!
Mmmm....Farmer's Market!

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