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Sunshine Saturday Sky Addendum

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Sky to the west of me, jokers to the east, here I am...

Dsc07689...stuck in the middle of a beautiful day!  Cancel my earlier prediction for hot and muggy -- it's absolutely gorgeous outside!  Clear and hot in the sun, but with the most wonderful breeze.  I so needed a day like this.

The sky was so interesting for about 5 minutes this morning while we were at the market and I'm so glad I brought the camera.

I treated myself to two hosta pots today, while Mom & Katie both went for flowers.  One of the pots actually has two plants, so BONUS for ME.  They are "Pathfinder," dark green with a green-speckled white center, that I intend to plant in a narrow strip along the walkway between the house and garage.  Huh, that's kind of like a path, so there you go.

In the "yum" department, there are more berries (rasp-, straw- & blue-), green beans and purple ones, too, an adorable pattypan squash, and some more zucchini; corn should be in abundance next week.



Just beautiful! Your daughter AND the sky AND the flowers AND the thought of all those berries. Eat some for me!


So beautiful! Your daughter is stunning!


So pretty! We should have local corn next week, too. Can't wait!


Not EVERYONE would start humming the rest of the song after reading your opening words, but I did...and am still humming!

Love your sky pics!

Your St. Brigid is awesome and now I can't wait to start in September.

Steph VW

Phew - catching up on your posts. Seems like you've had a busy couple of weeks... weeding gardens and emotions. Nothing like some good old sunshine to make your day.

I love the photo of the "joker" with the flowers. Those sunflowers are almost as radiant as the person holding them.


We have some good things showing up in our local markets, too. Your day looks perfect all the way around!

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