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Yum!  That's fresh-from-the-oven steam making the photo on the right look funny -- about half-way through the roasting time.  Recipe found here (thank you, Vicki), scroll nearly to the bottom (it's the May 2nd post, "Wishing for Tomatoes").  I used only five onions and about half the garlic called for -- next time, I'll probably use more.  I used a combination of my own tomatoes, some from a friend, and some from this morning's market.  I used fresh purple basil and Italian parsley, dried oregano and I don't remember what else, salt and pepper.  I put some in the blender and then combined it with the remainder.  We had it over fettucini for supper tonight.  There's another meal's worth (or more) in the 'fridge, and two more in the freezer.

Yes, I did say, "next time."  Thumb's up all around the table tonight!  I'll definitely play around and spice it up a little, use more garlic, and probably more tomatoes.  Yumyumyum.



That looks delicious! Wish my family would go for something like that. The kids aren't fond of vegetables and hubby would be asking "where's the meat"?


wow that looks fabulous. i think i know what i'll be doing tomorrow! thanks for pointing it out.


It looks lovely! That reminds me that I forgot to go to the Farmer's Market this morning.


Oh that looks great -- it's making me want to do it next week. I know we will go with the whole amount of garlic and onion -- we love garlic and onion


Perfect timing! I have tomatoes covering my counter. Thank you for posting the recipe source. YUM!

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