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I spy

Dsc08115_2I spy a beagle, do you?

Dsc08121Besides the two pretty Artyarns hanks and some hors d'oeuvres from the opening (they ordered too much) -- oh, and a few small trinkets from the museum shop for Christmas -- the only thing to come home with us from Sturgeon Bay was this chair.  It is a very faded, somewhat worn, quite clean, and extremely comfortable chair -- old, but sturdy -- of High Qual-i-ty.  It was enticingly placed alongside the road, across from the funky barn I photographed, with a handwritten sign that read "FREE."

Dsc08122I've been reading The Big House, about a century-old family cottage on the east coast, as recommended in the comments to another rambly post back in June.  (Thank you, blogless Cathy!)  I'm on the brink of the exciting conclusion -- which I hope is just the end of the book and not the end of The Big House.  I think Katie's new chair likely started out as a brand new, thoughtfully chosen piece of furniture in someone's home, but as styles changed and it lost its freshness, it was relegated to the family room, the basement, and then to removed to something like The Big House -- in Sturgeon Bay, it would be called a cottage.  There are some mighty fine, old homes there, some very wealthy people who own huge chunks of property, but nothing quite like that about which I'm reading.  I do believe I will always remember "The Big Houses" when I see that chair -- the ones of an earlier time, including the one that was once in my family (though, really, much smaller -- more like "Hidden House in The Big Woods," I'd think).  Katie is looking forward to having her own place someday and, man, I am, too!  We have similar taste, but she outruns me in the style department by a mile!

For now, Kate has spent some time recently sprucing up her room -- new paint, new curtains, a vintage tablecloth covering the closet door, a stack of suitcases as an end table, an old enamel-top kitchen table for her computer (employing my suggestion to turn the drawer upside-down and use it as a "keyboard tray"). Katie used to be, well, messy.  College dorm life (an even messier roommate) changed all that and now she's the neatest of the three.  I shall be curious to see if the college dorm life has the same affect on Ali -- fall semester begins soon.  It shouldn't be long before I get a read-out on that.  ; )

I had WW last night and lost all but .2 of the 3.8 that I was up last week.  Yeah, I kept that one to myself.  It was a fluke -- I was not that bad!  It was totally due to being roasted alive and there was also a little margarita spill -- right into my glass, and it just kept on spilling -- who knew that margaritas were so BAD?  (Another one of those GOOD things that's so BAD.)  I was not particularly good or bad last week, either, but today, I'm being good.  TWO bottles of water before cracking open the crack *shhh* DIET COKE, and no chocolate.  I cannot start with the chocolate -- I can never eat just one, not even a little bitty one.  I have finally learned this after extensive and relentless testing of my own will -- changing up the start times, experimenting with different quantities, and an assortment of shapes, sizes and combinations including (but not limited to) nougat, caramel, cookies and nuts, milk or dark chocolate -- the conclusion that I can't handle it!  I will allow for some, now and then, but I cannot just grab a bar, willy-nilly, and think that I'll be satisfied.  It just doesn't work that way -- it's more like opening the floodgate.

I even thought about grabbing Katie and going for a walk last night -- I need activity! -- but when she said, "Let's go to the grocery store," well, it sounded better -- even though I didn't really have any pressing needs and it's not one of my favorite things to do.  You know, I was talking with a friend this morning and she'd seen Susan Powter on one of the morning shows recently.  The bottom-line, that my friend shared with me, is that that extra 45 minutes for exercise that we're all looking for is never going to magically appear on our schedules and we just have to find the time in our day.  I had to snap my mouth shut on the whine because, the truth is, I could get out of bed every morning when my alarm actually goes off rather than hitting snooze (sometimes more times than I care to admit) -- it would be a start.  Am I ready for that?  I'll let you know.

---I just heard from Elizabeth (see yesterday's post) and she said she tried to comment this morning, but had some difficulty and it never did post... anyone else having problems?  (You can email me anytime at vknitorious at yahoo dot com)



excellent roadside find!


My mother LOVED "The Big House."


Awww, Mickey!! Get yourself into more pictures!


Love the beagle shot. And cool find on the chair.
Susan Powter lives (or used to live) in my neighborhood. The only place I'd ever see her is the local bakery which I always thought was pretty funny.


Love the chair - it sounds like your daughter has wonderful taste.
I posted comments fine yesterday - today remains to be seen ;)


That chair is a great find and Mickey looks so cute, sneaking into the picture.


That chair is terrific. Are you going to reupholster or keep it as is?

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